Easy Lead Generation

Marketing automation made easy & effective

Get your warm leads served automatically in realtime to the right sales rep. There are no magic silver bullets to find warm leads, it’s often the combination of different channels and tactics that brings the best result.

Regardless if your work with email campaigns, social media or want to tap your web for leads Salesbox will make you more efficient. Let your marketing and sales department effectively work together and secure your company’s growth.

Tap your campaigns for leads in realtime

Salesbox comes with built in campaign functionality to make it dead easy to provide your sales team with warm leads. Salesbox is integrated to Mailchimp, LinkedIn and Facebook to make it easy to tap your email and social media campaigns on leads.


Segment your email lists

Use standard fields, custom fields and advanced searches to segment your accounts and contacts in Salesbox.

Once you have your result, add the result to an existing Mailchimp list or create a new Mailchimp list, directly from Salesbox.


Tap your email campaigns for leads

Connect a Salesbox campaign to your preferred mail chimp campaigns (Drafts, scheduled or active) and tap it for leads. Salesbox makes sure you get only relevant leads through smart lead scoring.


Duplicate control & enrichment

Salesbox makes sure you only get one active lead per contact and interest regardless how many channels the lead are added from.

The more the contact interact with your campaign, web, etc. the higher the lead score reach and of course gets a higher priority in Salesbox.

Don’t sit in the trenches – integrate sales, marketing & management into a seamless mean machine for greater efficiency, revenues & profitability

Realtime notifications

Tired of getting lead lists to call long after the contact interacted? Salesbox send a notification in realtime to the relevant user when the lead gets added to the that user’s lead list.


Tap your LinkedIn and Facebook posts for leads

Publish your campaigns on LinkedIn and let Salesbox keep track of the interactions for you. If the LinkedIn or Facebook user interact enough they get added as a lead to Salesbox.

Tap your website for relevant leads

Get real-time insights about every website visitor. Use Salesbox web lead generation to convert anonymous traffic into identified companies, and feed them into Salesbox.

Digital assets should function to generate traffic. The strategy is to convert this traffic into leads, to feed to your sales team.

Salesbox Lead generation with LeadBoxer offers two significant benefits

1. Early identification

Start converting your anonymous traffic into lead entries in your Salesbox account.

Get notified when your new leads are added and act while you are top of mind for your potential customer.

Easily enrich your leads with information from LinkedIn, emails, .CSV lists.

2. Easy qualification process

With Salesbox and LeadBoxer’s web lead generation you get an easy to follow qualification process during the on-boarding and sales cycle.

Track any activity of your leads on your website and how they eventually convert to business opportunities and deals.

Let Salesbox smart lead flows guide you to close the deal.

= Result

Salesbox web lead generation makes your sales team:

  • Target companies who are already interested in your services
  • Act faster and generate more sales.
  • Get control of your conversion rates
  • Become up to 80% more effective

Get the lead scoring right from start with LeadBoxer

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank leads against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization.

What is LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer makes it easy to find new leads for your business, gain valuable insights about your website visitors, speed up lead qualification, and grow your revenue.

LeadBoxer offer you advanced, real-time information about who is on and interacting with your website and lead generation assets.


How LeadBoxer differs

LeadBoxer is built on their own proprietary Big Data technology. The software uses a leadscore algorithm to bring the most interesting leads to your attention.

In other words, LeadBoxer scores and rank all your leads continuously, as new qualification activities and contact points are added.

What does this mean? You can also influence the leadscore, to give weight to specific types of leads by industry or action.



LeadBoxer use a proprietary algorithm and data sources to give you detailed information about every single person on your website.



With LeadBoxer, you get the big data advantage. LeadBoxer use advanced tactics for ranking and discovering qualified leads who are visiting your website.



Stay committed to your sales funnel. Automize the lead research and collection so you can spend more time closing lucrative deals.

Get on top of the firmographic information

Firmographic information are sets of characteristics to segment prospect organisations. What demographics are to people, firmographics are to organizations.

What company is interested in what

Salesbox & Leadboxer’s lead generation works to tell you what companies and what types of companies that are visiting your site.

You will also know what products and services they are interested in.

Your sales efforts will be more successful with an automatically generated list of leads to target.

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