Sales pipeline

The clear & flexible pipeline

With Salesbox pipeline  you quickly get an overview of all your processes.

You can easily see how you are performing in different segments since the process view, groups your opportunities and projects by process.

With Salesbox pipeline you can easily check the done activities to move forward and see how it affects your coming work effort.

Index predictive opportunity
Sales pipeline crm overview
Sales pipeline CRM overview and opportunity

Get an easy and effective overview

In the pipeline your deals are grouped and therefore displayed by what type of sales they belong to.

Since Salesbox pipeline allows you to work with shortcut menus you can easily check any sales step activity and move forward.

The process view clearly shows how individuals, units and the whole company is doing and will help you focus on the right deals and activities.

Sales stats at the tip of the finger

With the pipeline view you easily see where you risk to fall behind.

Get warnings where its time to act, see your overall progress or progress on individual deals.

Get the actual sales forecast, your win rate and filter it all on different team members and different time periods.

Simply check activities or zoom in

Want to quickly move forward, with the pipeline you just check done on the activities directly in process view.

Want to go in to the details, just click the deal and see all details without loosing the overview.

The business opportunity details are displayed in parallel to the pipeline or list view so it’s easy to shift between different opportunities.


Overview and list mode

Prefer to see your pipeline like a sortable list? We’ve got that too. Sort your pipeline as you wish, see the closest to closure, most progress, biggest value etc.

Favourites and recents

Oh, when it’s really easy to get back to the deals, you work more intensely. Just mark them as Favourites or check the Recents list to easily get back to your latest deals.