Business Apps Integrations


Salesbox Business Apps Integrations are built for a seamless workday where it’s easy to focus on the business and not administration. We have created an Business Apps Integrations ecosystem of other useful business apps that Salesbox is integrated with. Together with the ecosystem we offer a complete business solution to manage all parts of your business.

Salesbox is also a truly mobile solution, built for the modern mobile business person who wants to stay informed and get active support 24/7. With Salesbox you have access to 100% of the functionality of your mobile device.

Here we have highlighted a few of our integrations.


Office 365   – Google Docs

Create and edit quotes, contracts, presentations directly from Salesbox Business Apps Integrations.


Outlook 365   – Google Mail

Get business info on contacts, store emails and add new contacts to Salesbox directly from Outlook365/Google Mail.

OneDrive for Business   –   Google Drive   –    Dropbox

Find the right document in seconds. Create your own folder structure on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

Business Apps Integrations

Seamless lead generation



Lead generation
Marketing campaigns
Search Contacts



Lead generation
Marketing campaigns
Search Accounts
Import Contacts


Lead generation
Marketing campaigns

Publish campaigns on these channels.
Salesbox will track the interaction and automatically
generate leads to the responsible sales rep.


Lead generation

Seamlessly converts your event participants
to leads in Salesbox.

Don’t sit in the trenches - integrate sales marketing & management into a seamless mean machine for greater revenues, margins & profitability

Get Salesbox Business Apps Integrations to seamlessly integrate your invoicing, accounting and HR

Quickbooks   –   Xero   –    MYOB

Salesbox automatically creates invoices and updates your revenue reports in your accounting solution.
Salesbox together with the accounting solution keeps track of your sales reps’ commission.


Works perfect on your Apple devices

Special editions for iPhone, iPad Pro & Apple
Pencil.Also access Salesbox With your PC/Lap
top/Tablet browser.


Handle your contacts’ opportunities, leads, tasks and appointments directly from your Mac email client. With Salesbox you don’t need to leave your email client to interact with your contact from your sales solution. You can, of course, also store important emails about your accounts, contacts or opportunities in Salesbox.


Import your contacts and keep them up to date automatically. Salesbox can add contacts and update existing contacts, so you don’t have to do it manually any more.


Two-way integration makes sure you can continue to use your regular calendar but still get your business appointments into your Salesbox, and nothing else. Salesbox makes sure your appointments are connected to the right account, contact or opportunity. The days when your sales solution was full of irrelevant appointments are finally over. You even get your Salesbox Google or Outlook calendar available on your iOS or Mac calendar.


Get automatic routes to your account, contact or meeting from where you are. With Salesbox the route is just a click away.


With Salesbox you don’t need to write the same information twice. Take a series of photos of the whiteboard or your notes and store them with a description on your account, contact or opportunity. The information is easy to read and access in real time for your back office colleagues.


Track all your dials and calls and start getting your outbound numbers, and on your contacts and account your inbound numbers. After you hang up the call, Salesbox will automatically suggest activities for you.

Tired of HQs decision on using Salesforce?

Salesbox sync with Salesforce

Accounts – Contacts – Activities – Leads – Opportunities

Salesbox automatically synch with Salesforce.

Use Salesbox on your local department or as an individual and keep your Salesforce account up to date automatically.


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