Great Features


  • Guidance to reach your target
  • Adaptive task generation
  • Adaptive reminders
  • Get questions after calls
  • Get questions after meetings
  • Get reminders of who to call


  • Integrated with iOS
  • Built for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro
  • Take notes with Apple pencil
  • Click, swipe & Voice-to-text
  • Also for tablets, PCs or Laptops


  • Call with Salesbox
  • Track communication
  • Facetime
  • iMessage
  • Email
  • VOIP


  • Adaptive & dynamic sales processes
  • Multiple sales processes
  • Missing opportunities prediction
  • Real-time insights
  • Customisable standard reports


  • Collaborate on opportunities, accounts and contacts
  • Share tasks, leads & reports
  • Ask colleagues for help
  • Get notified in real-time
  • Share meeting notes in real-time


  • Import Leads from LinkedIn
  • Import leads from any website
  • Import contacts from Google, Outlook, Email or phone
  • Post on Facebook to get leads
  • Post on LinkedIn to get leads
  • MailChimp emails to get leads


  • See your personal records
  • Compete with colleagues
  • Encourages to reach targets
  • Congratulates when closing deals
  • Provides interactive call lists


  • Task & lead management
  • Pipline management
  • Account & contact management
  • Appointment management
  • Document management

Salesbox CRM custom fields - Setup on Accounts

Add your own data fields to fit your company’s needs.

Salesbox custom fields allow you to add the following type of fields.

  • Drop downs (multi choice)
  • Checkboxes (multi choice)
  • Numeric fields
  • Text fields
  • Text boxes
  • Date fields
  • Link fields

Add custom fields to your Tasks, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Appointments.

All added fields are also searchable to make it easy for you to quickly segment and find your customers and deals.

Salesbox Advanced search contactsSalesbox advanced search allow you to built your own AND / OR searches.

Search on the fly or save them as personal searches or share your searches with relevant colleagues. After a search is done you can also export the result to Excel and PDF.

Example: Give me all companies in New York AND belong to Industry IT AND are between 201 – 500 employees AND is customer AND we have not spoken to for 3 months.

Salesbox custom dashboardCreate your own personal dashboards.

To give you the possibility to compare basically any sales, activity or customer related information Salesbox offers personal dashboards with diagrams, pie charts and lists that you create yourself.

Compare different users over different time periods. Example calls, closed sales, appointments, leads etc.

Compare different data sets for the same user. Example calls vs closed deals over a specific period for the same user.

Share you diagrams with colleagues or Drag & drop your diagrams to get them exactly where you want them.

The diagrams are updated automatically and are therefore suitable to display on big screens in the Sales department to keep everyone up to date.

Salesbox Crm multi relationsSalesbox multi-relations allow you to set different relations between companies (accounts) and contacts.

Set different relations between different accounts. Example Account 1 is a subsidiary to Account 2.

Set different relations between a contact and different accounts. Example Contact is employed by Account 1 and works as a consultant on Account 2.

Set different relations between different contacts. Example Contact 1 is the manager for Contact 2.

Track tasks, leads, sales, appointments on contacts that are related to accounts they don’t work on.

Get started easily, import your own .CSV with accounts and/or contacts to Salesbox

Salesbox .CSV import / export dashboard