#1 Mobile CRM Software

A Unique Mobile CRM Experience

Salesbox gives you a truly mobile CRM solution and experience, built for the modern mobile business person who wants to stay informed and get active support 24/7.

Salesbox CRM is the only CRM provider that gives you the complete CRM package on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Work with Salesbox CRM on the device you prefer for your specific situation. With Salesbox CRM your team don’t even need computers anymore.

With Salesbox you can work with customers and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are, whenever you want.

Predictive Analytics CRM

Collaborate anywhere

Salesbox mobile CRM gives you the freedom to administer any relevant information and collaborating with colleagues while you are outside the office.

Salesbox also makes sure you get native mobile notifications about any changes on your accounts, contacts and opportunities.

It’s as easy as mobile email, just click, swipe and use voice-to-text. Even take meeting notes directly on your tablet, use your smartphone camera or just delegate tasks and leads to your colleagues on the go.

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Full access everywhere

Salesbox is the only provider to give you the full package on all available devices.

Work with customers and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are.

Use the entire CRM on the device that best suits your specific situation. In the office, use Salesbox mobile CRM on a computer, in the car use Salesbox mobile CRM on a smartphone, on the train use Salesbox mobile CRM on a tablet.

Mobile CRM makes you efficient on the field

Salesbox reminds you

Salesbox knows who you are talking to or in a meeting with.

After your calls and appoinments you get questions about the call or appointment.

Take your notes in seconds and move on.

Like a private coach

Salesbox is like having a private coach in the pocket.

Salesbox asks questions, reminds you what to focus on and constantly let’s you know what it takes for you to reach your sales targets.

All only a click away on your mobile device.