Salesbox sales platform

That mobile users love


We believe customer management should be easy & mobile

 So we’ve designed a sales platform with minimal data input and high value output to accelerate your sales.

Get full control while mobile

iOS & Android


Get accurate sales forecasts with dynamic and multiple processes with focus on activities.

Built in marketing automation generates leads automatically from web, campaigns, emails & social media.

Delegate tasks & leads directly to colleagues or open ticket lists. Ask for help if you get stuck.

Manage Salesbox with your voice. Add notes, tasks, place calls, get routes etc. through voice commands.

Salesbox adapts to your behaviour and performance to guide you to the sales target or to remind when you fall behind.

Call and email with Salesbox to get complete tracking of your customer communication. Get guidance after each call.


Apple watch

Get notifications, accept/decline tasks or leads, get routes, place calls or add notes plus more. Get encouraged by smart gamification or get smart reminders when falling behind.


3D touch for iOS

Add tasks, leads, orders or appointments directly from you mobile desktop. Act on notifications by pushing them harder without opening Salesbox on you iPhone, iPad device or Apple watch.


Smart voice commands

Sometimes your device is not in arms reach. Call, Send messages, Open customers, Get routes, Add notes, Add tasks and set your tasks as done by talking to Salesbox through Siri.

Get increased activity levels

Studies have proven that you get 100-200% higher activity levels and increased sales with Salesbox compared to using  CRMs.


Start small & grow

Start using a smaller Salesbox package and upgrade to more advanced packages later.

Check the price list to find the right package, from basic to advanced.



Collaborate easily in information flows that stretch across your business.

Get a complete overview of each customer, regardless of stage.

The Sales director's smart & digital assistant...


Tracks relations

Tracks the relation with your different customers. Every user gets a rolling relation index.

Gives you the customers’ comments in realtime.

Coming 2019.


Tracks & guides

Tracks all communication

Reminds when users fall behind

Gives personal coaching to the target

Cleans data

Informs the customer when running late to a meeting


Knows when it’s time

When is the best time to call, book meetings, perform meetings, go for closure etc.

Knows how you perform compared to the market.

Coming 2019.

Syncs with popular apps from Google & Microsoft


Google apps

Sync inbound/outbound emails

Salesbox panel inside Gmail

2-way sync with Google calendar

2-way sync with Google Drive

Import Google contacts

Create Google Docs, Sheets, Slides


Office 365

Sync inbound/outbound emails

Salesbox panel inside Outlook

2-way sync with Outlook calendar

2-way sync with OneDrive for Business

Import Outlook contacts

Create Word, Excel, Powerpoint

The next generation pipeline management

Experience a flexibility never seen before. Not only will your sales become more efficient, this flexible approach will make your whole company shine.


Smart guidance

Salesbox analyse what it takes to reach your sales target.

Get reminded when you fall behind on your deals.

Get automatic guidance to qualify your deals.


Flexible pipeline

Create stage based or checklist type of pipelines.

Let the pipeline or the user decide the progress.

Get a clear overview of each deal, pipeline or the whole company.


Multiple pipelines

Create pipelines for anything from sales to delivery.

Add as many pipelines as your business needs.

Get the status of the customer from start to end.

Easy as pie lead generation & qualification

Add any of the 450+ million LinkedIn members or companies directly to Salesbox sales platform.

Get leads and tasks added automatically from LinkedIn, Your web, Mailchimp, Outlook or a classic .CSV file.

To get relevant leads and qualify these have never been so easy!

Salesbox Lead Clipper

We created a beautiful and easy-to-use sales platform for you to become even more efficient