The Information Hub for small businesses

€2.90 per user – No lock-in period – No hidden costs

Salesbox just makes things easy!

Sets you FREE

Set yourself free to operate from anywhere and get quick access to relevant business information by letting a smart hub gather all relevant information for you.

Keeps you INFORMED

Centralise all company relation information for all stakeholders internally to always stay informed and remove the challenges with information scattered over many tools and devices.

Makes you FOCUSED

With a smart and flexible information hub that makes it clear what next action to focus on, it becomes easy to always take the next relevant step in every business process.

Get going on the level that fits your needs

No spreadsheets

Replace the spread sheets and get access to customers & notes anywhere.

Categorise & logg

Categorise your business relations and automatically logg the call and email communication.


Get faster with quote & contract templates, e-signing and order management.

Lean prospecting

Prospect effectively with LinkedIn, web leads, personal mass emails and call lists.

Sales & Orders

Manage sales & orders in multiple pipelines to get focused sales and a great overview.

Get speed & clarity

Get in control of the daily, weekly, monthly actions to focus on. Get both the short-term action focus and the long-term perspective in the same view. After each action, simply drag the case further in the pipeline and specify what to focus on next and when. For an even better overview, add different pipelines for different geographical areas, industries etc.

Customise the experience

Connects to Office 365, Google Workspace, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft teams, Fortnox, LinkedIn, WordPress or Mailchimp. Allows your to design your own document templates and use e-Signing to streamline your processes. Works seamlessly on computers and mobile devices.


More organised

Spend more of your week engaging with your customers and less time administering an out of date spreadsheet.


More insights

Get a much clearer picture of your relations with smart communication tracking of your engagements.


More confident

Ensure that your prospects, deals and activities are tracked and reported on far more accurately level.

Get mass communication super powers

Send and track personal mass emails in real-time from Salesbox with your Office 365 or Gmail account. Automatic tracking of who opened and clicked on links helps you create warm call lists in no time. You can also catch new leads from your website with the plugin for WordPress.

Don’t just take our word for it…

There are many happy users globally that say Salesbox is the easiest tool they have ever used.












Salesbox made us more efficient directly

It is amazing how we became more efficient after only 3 days of using Salesbox. I have never experienced any CRM just like it. It is clearly designed by people who understand what efficient sales is all about.

Sales development company CEO

Salesbox makes it easy to work with multiple processes.

Since we have different products and sales processes the possibility to quickly feed each lead into the correct sales process was a deal breaker for us.

IT company Sales Director

Salesbox dashboard - It is the best analytical feature I have ever seen.

Salesbox is truly built for a mobile workforce. In our sales organization, we spend most of the working day outside the office. Being able to keep track on all business opportunities, create campaigns and get an accurate forecast are great features.

Software company Sales Director

Salesbox makes things easy.

We chose to go digital with Salesbox and got all we could ask for. It has a great touch and feel, a modern feature set that utilize all the digital upsides of today. The many integrations to the third party tools we use was a big plus.

IT Consultant company Sales Director

Salesbox is easy and fun to use.

We chose Salesbox because it is so much more modern, good looking and a more fun experience than what we had seen before. Those things actually matter to us. If the users like the design, the ease of use, they will be much more likely to use it.

Event company Sales director