#1 reason sales processes don’t work anymore



Anyone working with sales knows that very few sales reps like their CRM, it just doesn’t provide any personal value back for them. If its something else that they don’t valuate that much either, it’s sales processes.

Very few sales reps see the personal value in sales processes, we don’t blame them. Actually the GAP between the theoretical sales processes and the reality most sales reps encounter is very big, hence, thats why the processes provide very poor value and becomes more of a burdon rather than a support tool.

This effect has been increased even further the last 10-15 years as a result of acceptance for Internet as the most important source of information.

Need to align to each specific customer

15 years ago many sales reps were used to the fact that customers needed to reach out early in their purchase process to get the necessary information. In that context, the sales rep was often the single point of information.

That meant that the sales reps also could control the interaction with each unique customer and make the customer align with the internal sales process.

You need to align to each specific customer’s purchase process

It worked pretty much as a car production line in a car factory. You did a certain number of steps and you performed them in a predefined specific order, the customer often aligned with that.

What has happened the last 15 years is a shift in power, from sales reps to the customer. This goes for both B2C and B2B. The customer does its own research and goes pretty far in its mental purchase process before reaching out to sales reps.

This means that the power over the process has moved to the customer and that the sales reps needs to align much more to the customer’s specific purchase process, needs and want than ever before.

Inaccurate forecasts and bad support

Since sales is such a dynamic and agile business where you don’t have 100% control over the situation its not going to work anymore with a process thinking originating from factory production lines. Its time for a change.

As a sales rep you want to align and do things in the order it suits the individual customer.

Working with processes suitable for a car factory is not good enough in modern sales

By seeing the process as a number of independent activities that needs to be performed, regardless of order, sales reps can align much easier than when working with processes with steps that needs to be performed in a predefined order.

Most sales reps operate in that way already, we mean, they want the deals so of course they adapt.

The issue appear when they want to update their CRM, which is designed to move an opportunity further down the process in a similar to moving something down a production line in a factory.

That causes several issues

  • Very inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Bad support to know what has been done or not
  • Bad support in knowing what to do next

On the other hand you can see here how we become successful in sales at Salesbox.

Independent activities

The solution is to start seeing sales processes as a set of independent activities, that needs to be done before closing a new deal. That will give sales reps the possibility to completely align with each specific customer’s purchase process, needs and wants.

Sales needs to be agile and flexible, to create the best possible customer experience

It also produces much more accurate sales forecasts, since the likeliness is based on facts and not guesswork.



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