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The speed of change has accelerated significantly the last years and affects all types of businesses, local as global. The internet, technology development and globalization has made it easy for new business to popup anywhere and affect/disrupt almost any type of business.

Thousands of new businesses are started every day and many also include disruptive business models. You might think “That does not affect my business”, well, sorry to tell you but, IT WILL.

Even the most traditional businesses will be affected by new technology and new competition.

As a business leader or sales rep you need to be aware of this and have a plan to cope with the accelerated speed of change. If you don’t, you’re most likely going to stagnate and eventually perish.

There’s a lot to write about this topic so to keep it simple we will focus on B2B in this article.

2016: It’s the fast that beats the slow

Things that took many many years to change just 20 years ago changes several times faster now. The Internet and globalisation has also lowered the barrier to grow global companies in short time spans.

Its no longer necessary to do large investments or required to build local presence in many countries. You can basically start you new global company from your backyard.

Large and small companies also compete on more equal terms on the internet, the “store” from a large or small provider basically looks and feels the same.

The old saying “Its not the large that beat the small, its the fast that beats the slow” hasn’t been more valid than now.

In a world where you are being perceived as more similar other things matter more. One such thing is speed. Speed in development, speed on service, speed in decision making etc.

Serve your customers quickly and personally

So if the speed of change has accelerated so has the need of being agile and fast in the decision making become. Its the one that can make the quick and good decisions that will be one step ahead of their competitors.

So how can you do that? Well, not letting your customers wait is one important thing.Serving customers with the best possible and personalised answers are important to be one step ahead.

To make that happen you need to be connected to your colleagues through out the day and being able to make decisions wherever you are and regardless of what the time is.

With those type of requirements its not ok to be sighed down to collaborating when in the same physical location.

Collaborating in realtime is vital

Collaborating in realtime, wherever you are is vital to be agile and on top of things. With many parallel things to manage its also vital to be able to make the best possible prioritzations and not forget things.

If you forget to follow-up with a customer they probably think they are not important for you, and consequentially will go to someone else who makes them feel wanted and prioritised as customer.

To be ablate collaborate in realtime you need to be mobile, actually also even if you do most of your sales form your office. Colleagues might be outside the office or not in front of a computer when you need them.

Mobile is a more disruptive tech change than the cloud

If cloud computing was a disruptive and big change 15 years ago, mobile is a bigger change because it doesn’t only change how business solutions are managed, they deeply change our behaviour. In a far more profound way than the cloud has done.

The cloud is of course a necessary foundation to become mobile but being able to be on top of things whenever and wherever you are really affects how we interact with customers and colleagues.

It also speed things up and that in it self also puts pressure on all of us to act more quickly.

As you can expect an online retail store to know who you are and recommend you valid options based on previous behaviour you also expect companies to be responsive, fast and personal in their service towards you.

If not you most likely will move somewhere else.

Having a mobile sales/CRM solution that gives you access to all features wherever you are is therefore vital.

Please check there why you should use a mobile first CRM.

A cut down CRM extension on mobile is not enough!

It’s not good enough to provide you with a cut down version to manage simple tasks while on the go, hey you might miss out on business opportunities just because you got informed to late, if you were informed at all.

So, to be the future winner, apply a mobile strategy and become the future winner.




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