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Mobile CRM has changed how companies do business

Traditional CRMs have allowed businesses to keep organized customer data that can be accessed throughout the company in an effort to create better understanding of the customer, keep track of the opportunities, deliver better service and hopefully increase the business.

When everything around us is becoming more mobile, companies are discovering that perhaps the best way to maintain a good relationship with their customers is to also become more mobile.

Being more on-top-off-things and getting increased sales by making the CRM available for complete out-of-the-office-usability is something more and more companies discover.

When everyone is working more closely-knit, together, without having to extend their workload, the machinery of a company runs smoother, more in balance and towards the same goal; to grow!

When everyone is working more closely-knit, together, without having to extend their workload, the machinery of a company runs smoother, more in balance and towards the same goal; to grow!

The end result of implementing a truly mobile CRM is a changed and improved business, most often in ways that may not have been considered or foreseen.

We’re not living in the 1990s anymore; there’s no reason why your business should have to be centred around a stationary, office-based computer system, or even the office as a working environment, as it actually still is in many cases.

With the rise of mobile computing, smart devices, and cloud-based data networks, businesses are discovering that, anything possibly done digitally in the office can now be accomplished—even easier—while on the go.

All thanks to mobile innovation. And while these new advances may make it easier for everyone in a company—from the CEO all the way down to the unpaid intern—to do their jobs more efficiently, there is no one who will be as greatly affected as outside sales reps.

(Marketing People, Consultants and Field Service will also be affected by mobile CRM since they can start helping sales by generating leads and efficiently helping sales during the sales process IF, they too start using the mobile CRM.)

Think about it. Today outside sales reps spend most of their workday selling remotely. Which means as those reps have the need of sales information, specialized tools, contact data, etc., they have to either retreat back to their home base, or they need to rely on mobile computing to fulfil their need.

This need becomes especially important when those reps are dealing with customer data.

We’re not living in the 1990s anymore; there’s no reason why your business should have to be centred around a stationary, office-based computer system, or even the office as a working environment, as actually still is in many cases.

A CRM enables businesses to keep track of any and all useful information associated with any particular customer while also providing a company-wide, cloud-based network that can be accessed by anyone who has the right level of permission, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Mobile CRM allows sales reps to take advantage of the entire organization, efficiency, and accessibility of an easy and quick to update mobile CRM tool while on the go, and as a result, it is greatly changing the business. How? Well, let’s have closer a look:

Increased Productivity Through Making Use Of Dead Time Moments

A truly mobile CRM originally and properly designed for mobile devices should only take seconds to update. Success is reflected by how well the CRM relies on artificial intelligence and the user’s heavily reduced need for typing inside the system.

If done correctly, this enables you to update your truly mobile CRM in only seconds, instead of the minutes or hours it takes to update a traditional CRM.

Just to fire up a PC may even take several minutes while a mobile device is always at hand and up and running.

“Be mobile, be creative, become successful!”

As it takes seconds to update your truly mobile CRM, you can utilize all those dead time moments that occur during a work day; that 1 minute while taking a break in the meeting, those 5 minutes while waiting for the subway or those 10 minutes while having a cup of coffee etc.

Examples are many yet the point remains intact; you can and for your own benefit will, use these moments. You will even be reminded and guided by your truly mobile CRM regarding time management, thus saving enormous amounts of valuable time.

Each dead time moment revived using your truly mobile CRM adds up to reduced sales administration by up to 88 %. More specifically that is almost 500 work hours a year per sales rep.

Imagine if you could spend 500 hours on your customers instead of doing administrative work, would your business be more likely to grow?

More control through continuous real-time updates

When speaking of being productive, control and decision-making are key factors to see the success you desire and deserve. Many CEOs, Sales Directors and Management Groups are running their business by  looking in the rear view mirror.

They go through numbers and stats on a weekly basis or sometimes as seldom as a monthly basis. During that time things might (or will) change in their business. A lot of Managers want to see detailed forecasts, performance and activity reports.

Traditional web based CRMs have, to a great extent, remain focused on supplying management with exactly just that. Something important has been missing though.

You can always discuss how easy is it to understand and maintain these reports, however, let’s focus on the real issues here.

It doesn’t matter how great the reports are designed if the input data is:

  1. Updated less than every day (look ahead while driving, not in the rare view mirror)
  2. Inaccurate

Try following a route to a never before visited destination if you can only see your exact position on the map, if done once in a week and only one week, in retrospect. Care to compare this situation to your experience in most traditional CRM?

Luckily truly mobile CRM take full advantage of your mobile device, like your GPS, so you can follow the performance of your business “on the map” in real-time.

Mobile collaboration is about getting more control by being constantly updated on what is going on, while on the go.

Almost all companies worldwide have tried to keep their CRMs up to date on a daily basis and almost all of them have failed. If you fall into the above-mentioned category, don’t blame yourself, here are the real reasons of anyone failing at this:

  1. A web-based CRM is a stationary tool built for stationary desk work. That doesn’t align well with how most sales reps work.
  2. Since these web-based CRMs are designed for the business and management, Sales reps don’t see the value for themselves and find the web-based systems hard to use. This equals inaccurate and irregular CRM updates.

With an intelligent, truly mobile CRM asking the Sales rep questions when they hang up the phone or leave the appointment, a CRM easy to use and taking seconds to update, that is helping the sales rep to focus on, and give the sales rep recommended tasks or even help the sales rep understand what it takes to reach the targets.

If having just that the CEO, Sales Director and other people in management positions will get the news of their company not only on a daily basis, they will get it in real-time.

The data will also be more accurate since we tend to forget 50 % of yesterday’s events. These are all reasons why a truly mobile CRM will help management get more in-control and also be able to focus on more strategic questions like how to grow their business rather than to focus on data quality, who added the data and as a result of that spending countless of hours generating their own excel reports outside the CRM.

Wasting time is most often something business people avoid…

More Engaged Sales Teams through mobile collaboration

History has clearly shown that employee-satisfaction and commitment is a big determiner of company success. Modern Sales becomes more and more about teamwork and collaboration.

The days when a sales rep took care of every step in the sales process alone are more and more rare. In general we are increasingly dependent on specialists, thus closing more business is often a matter of compiling the right team for the right opportunity.

Therefore, utilizing different skills and behaviour (e.g. DISC) in different steps of the sales process is vital to maximize your chance to win the opportunity.

All this requires good support for collaboration, especially when working outside of the office, as many are. If you are a geographically spread organisation you will definitely have the need to collaborate more digitally.

“Creativity requires dynamic environments, get out of the office and embrace success!”

Mobile collaboration is about getting more control by being constantly updated on what is going on, being able to share tasks and ask colleagues for help or even distribute leads or tasks to team members or ticket lists available for other colleagues, all this through a mobile device, anywhere at any time.

That is true efficiency at work, no pun intended. Studies have also shown that people enjoy being creative, and to become more creative you need to keep changing environments, i.e. outside your office is a better place to become creative and this will help making employees more committed and satisfied.

If your truly mobile CRM also includes marketing automation then you can finally connect your sales and marketing department. Let them join forces and work together from the initial campaign which is sent out to the deal till it is closed.

With a truly mobile CRM with built in marketing automation you will be able to, in minutes, generate your campaigns from literarily anywhere at anytime.

You will be able to get real-time automatic leads in the hands of the right sales rep and from a management perspective you will also be able to easily track and follow the performance of your campaigns.

See which campaigns generate the most leads, convert to most opportunities, close most deals or generate most sales.


The future is already here; we’re looking at a truly mobile, collaborative and creative CRM solution! The days of the office, with stale inaccurate tools are finally over.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

-Steve jobs

It is all up to you to decide where you want to be, if you dare to use change as a way to challenge the status quo you will almost give yourself an unfair advantage, victory is near.



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