7 amazing benefits of having a mobile CRM

We love the mid week time as much as the next guy, however, we have something we need to share with you before you jump in to the next meeting 🙂

Folks like you and us usually enjoy getting paid (preferably often and in huge stacks…)

And for most of us, getting paid requires hard work…

So, if our thoughts align at all you too enjoy valid solutions helping you become more efficient in lessening the hard work required to become successful, right?

Here are 7 amazing benefits of having a truly mobile CRM:
1) You can update your CRM anywhere, anytime (this saves you time, energy and boosts your update accuracy)
2) It takes you only minutes or even seconds to completely update your CRM, without you having to worry about the quality or accuracy of your updates.
3) The information you need from your CRM is always right there when you need it.
4) Important information is easy and quickly updated after your meetings or calls (when the information is still fresh in your memory).
5) You don’t have to update every piece of information as a truly mobile and intelligent CRM automatically does more than half the work for you (like analyzing your pipeline and feeding you suggestions what tasks and clients you should focus on to maximize your sales)
6) You can save up to 88 % of the time you spend doing administrative (double) work (I spend about 1,1 hours a week doing admin, when you think about it, I bet your spend more than that in one single day!)
7) Lastly, here is the big-best (biggest+best=big-best) benefit of them all: updating your CRM never steals time away from what is your DNA: always making more and more and more sales

As a Sales director you may want to know what it’s like to enjoy all the benefits of using Salesbox as your CRM as Salesbox is natively designed for mobile.