7 ways to utilize your CRM


Success comes from maximum utilization of the abilities that you possess. Most of the companies use CRM systems, but not all of them are fully employing it for their benefit. So here are some ways in which you can use your CRM to improve your sales processes.


Question your success to overcome the failures

You should be able to analyze why you were successful with the deals you nailed and why not in the others?

Use your CRM contact information, which has the customer’s communication history and nature of business, to see what reasons triggered their decision to seal the deal or otherwise.

Manage your Sales Team

Despite the different ways your CRM can help your salesmen in managing clients, you can keep yourself aware of what is going on within your sales team by tracking the tasks assigned to them, client communications, number of deals closed etc.

Increase Efficiency

Starting the day by scheduling your tasks is the key to save time and improve efficiency. Your Sales CRM can help in optimizing your sales team’s daily schedules.

You can save time on admin tasks by prioritizing tasks and setting reminders for the same which in turn will result in increased productivity and client care.

Apart from increasing productivity, it is also vital to keep your sales team focused and motivated to be able to perform their scheduled tasks.

Suggesting your salesmen to assign some personal time off their schedules, which is purely dedicated to relax and motivate themselves, can prove to be an effective practice.

Thus, as described in this article, CRM behaves exactly like a GPS and allows you to save time. Who would like using an old paper map instead ?

Collaborative Teams

Collaborative teams give your client a positive perception of your business which in turns reflects on the way they perceive your products and services and on your sales numbers.

For better collaboration within your sales team, create pipelines on your CRM for a wholesome view of your project map. Attach tasks, deadlines and respective people to complete these tasks.

This way each member is notified of their tasks and of their colleague’s to enable information sharing and avoid clashes.

Customer Satisfaction

The key to customer satisfaction is to make sure they know that you care about their needs and wants.

Your CRM tool will come handy here to note down their requirements and queries after every meeting or call so that the next time when any of the sales members talk to them they can update themselves of all the previous conversations, pertaining documents etc.

With Salesbox this becomes much easier as you can update these details on your mobile, email, calendar or directly in the system as well.


Constant communication efforts can earn customers’ trust which will secure you their business. You can stay in touch with your customers and keep yourself updated with their happenings using the media app integrations and calling facilities in your CRM.

And don’t forget to keep your customers updated on your product developments as well.

Hit targets

Having a generic approach to close a deal may not work with all clients. Following a segmented target approach may help in customizing your sales efforts according to the particular target market.

Use the segmentation tools provided by your CRM to segregate contacts according to various criteria like location, industry etc. Not all contacts are your clients, with Salesbox you can also segregate your potential contacts as opportunities as well.




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