About us and
our ethos

We believe sales is all about focus, efficiency and structure. We are driven to provide the best possible CRM to make our users more efficient at an affordable price tag. We believe that knowledge and experience should pay off. Therefore we believe in giving digital people who know sales and how to structure their work should receive a price benefit. We are against putting on levies to the subscription fee to compensate for support intensive users, expensive offices or fancy ad campaigns.

Salesbox CRM is the affordable small and micro business sales automation platform that removes obstacles to sell. This by helping salespeople be more productive, become focused and effortlessly organised through purposeful technology.

Salesbox CRM is responding to the most pressing small businesses challenge namely, how to grow in a shrinking market. To champion this cause, Salesbox targets the 3 key small business obstacles to growth.

Shift from reactive to proactive

Salesbox enhances its proactive personal prospecting across the range of communication channels and focusses on revenue generating next steps.

Increase sales productivity

Salesbox’s self-service platform makes small businesses increase efficiency, keep laser focused and deliver the agility needed to continuously deliver value.

The cost for sales automation

Very aggressive pricing ensures small businesses can afford an advanced sales automation platform


Salesbox is European Saas company that was founded 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. Salesbox is a very geographically spread organisation based on the philosophy “You work where you are.” That is vital to be able to attract the very best and most committed people for the job.


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