We are...

the European Saas-company, born in Stockholm, with the main target to make people working with relations in a small business informed, focused and to set them free to operate wherever their team members are located performing their daily operations.

That gives you…

- the easy to use and affordable Information Hub
- that gathers all relevant information for you
- by connecting common tools and devices
- to make relevant information centralised and easy to access
- regardless if your focus is on relation management, prospecting, sales management, communication logging, managing quotes, contracts, digital signatures or invoicing

To make you…

- focused
- informed
- free to operate anywhere

By offering…

- an affordable price
- no lock-in periods
- fast onboarding


Salesbox is based on an idea rather than a geographical area. Salesbox is therefore a very geographically spread organisation based on the philosophy “You work where you are.”


Tysta gatan 4,

115 20 Stockholm,


VAT: SE556938863901