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Accounts, Contacts, Appointments and Call lists – Salesbox dictionary part 2

Accounts, Contacts, Appointments and Call lists –

Salesbox dictionary part 2


– What are Accounts and what are Contacts?

– How do I use the Call lists?

– Can I synchronize Salesbox with Outlook calendar?


This is Salesbox dictionary part 2




Accounts are companies and Contacts are the people working at the companies.

Managing Contacts and Accounts in Salesbox works more or less the same.

The screen shot shows the Profile level of an Account, showing you how many active objects there are connected to the Account and when and how someone on the Account team last communicated with a Contact of the Account.


You can add object by clicking the green button, and call/email the Account by clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen. The map icon shows you the GPS route to the Account’s address and by clicking the target icon, you can set sales and activity targets for the Account.


Swipe left to see Account team and right to see  statistics for Sales, Pipeline and Activity.

How to manage Accounts and Contacts


In Salesbox, Contacts can be anyone you have or want to build a professional relationship with. Contacts can therefore be Leads, Clients, Partners, Colleagues or anyone who makes sense to track your communication or sales progress with.

In the Contact list you can swipe left or right on Contacts to find shortcuts to taking action.


Exactly as for Accounts, at the Profile level of Contacts swipe left to see Contact team and right to see statistics for Sales, Pipeline and Activity.

At the bottom, there are 4 different list views. Details list gives you some more information of the Contacts. Alphabetical is a list of all your contacts, sorted in Alphabetical order. Recents is a great list, here you can see in chronological order, when, who and what, someone in the Contact team last took action on this Contact. Favorite list displays all your personal Favorite Contacts, gathered in one list.

By clicking the orange icon in the bottom right corner, the one with two white arrows, you can order your Contacts by Profit, Gross pipe, Next Task/Appointment etc,.


Sync Salesbox with Outlook calendar on PC/Laptop


Appointments are the meetings you schedule with Contacts (connected to Accounts or not).

Click the green button above to learn how to synchronize Salesbox with the Outlook Calendar on your PC/laptop.

Click the green button below to learn how to schedule Appointments in Salesbox

There are 3 different lists for Appointments. – Details, with more detailed information. – Recents, with recent actions on Appointments and – No Contacs list, which are Appointments scheduled through iCal or Outlook calendar; ones that yet have a Contact connected to them.

Exactly as for Contacts, Opportunities etc. click the Appointment to see the Profile level, where you can swipte left/right to see more information. What is more, swipe an Appointment in the list to get shortcuts for taking fast action.


How to schedule Appointments in Salesbox

Call lists:

Call lists can be used for grouping Contacts into specific segments. it’s even more handy if you actually need to call the Contacts in your Call list.

You can set a deadline on a Call list. With a set deadline it is easy to track the progress of completed calls with the colored progress bar per Call list, green means on par with reaching the deadline, yellow or red means the call list is falling behind against the deadline. You can also delegate responsibility for a Call list to a colleague.

Please click the green button below to learn how to manage your Call lists.

Click the Call list for the Alphabetical list of the Contacts in your Call list. Swipe left on Contacts to dial, email or to get a shortcut menu for taking fast action.

At the bottom of your Call list you can select the Prioritized list, where you’ll find those you have dialed and scheduled a Call back for. In the Statistics list you get a great overview of Call list performance, swipe left to dial/email or get a shortcuts menu.

Click the orange icon in the bottom right corner, the one with the white arrows, to sort your Call lists or Contacts by Dials, Calls, Appointments, Opportunities, Deadline etc,.

How to manage Call lists

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