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Automatic phone call tracking

3 easy tips for busy business people


3 benefits of using Salesbox to place calls to leads and clients:

1) Get automated storing of call records

2) Quickly set up call-back reminders

3) Get a an after call drop-down list of shortcuts to adding a task, lead, opportunity or an appointment


Click + Swipe + Click = Call Contact

Set the Alphabetical contact list as your Start screen. With Salesbox opened, scroll to find the Contact you need to call, swipe left and click the Phone icon.


Optimize Start screen for faster dialing

Go to My settings and choose Display options, set the Start screen to Contacts and in the Contact Tab, select Alphabetical.

1) Get automated storing of call records


By clicking a Contact in the Contact list you will see the detailed level. Here you will find complete records of sent Emails and placed Dials and Calls.

2) Quickly set up call-back reminders

When your contact doesn’t pick up their phone (Salesbox calls this a Dial) you can quickly set up a call-back reminder, so you remember to call this person again.

3) Get an after call drop-down list of shortcuts to adding a task, lead, opportunity or an appointment


After calls (and appointments) you can quickly add:


– a Task,

– a Lead,

– an Apointment or,

– an Opportunity.


Or, set up a call-back reminder in case your contact asks your to call back at another time.


The Contact in the image already has an active Opporunity connected, whereas you will also get shortscuts to:


– Check Activities in your Sales process

– Change the Contract date

– Add an Order row

– Add a Photo



How to import iPhone/iPad contacts to Salesbox

Import business contacts from your

iPhone/iPad with a few clicks, incl:

– First name

– Last name

– Phone number

– Email address

– Company

– Title

– Photo

If the Company is already an existing Account in Salesbox, your Contact will be automatically connected to the correct Account.

New Accounts will be identified as Notes in the Contact’s Detailed level.

When importing iPhone/iPad contacts the second time you will see which contacts are new to Salesbox and which you have updated on your iPhone/iPad but have yet to update in Salesbox.

How to import contacts:

1. Login to Salesbox and go to My Settings, select Contact import

2. Click on Scan (to Scan your device, an import will NOT be performed at this stage)

3. Select the Contacts you want to Import. (You can select/deselect all with the check mark at the top of the list)

4. Click Import

Bonus tricks:

In the iOS email client, use the “Add as contact” feature. By adding people you receive emails from as iPhone/iPad contacts, you can easily import them to Salesbox.

Scan your device regularly for updated contact information. This way you secure that your CRM is always up-to-date with the latest updates of your contacts’ information.

What are you waiting for? Start calling with Salesbox now!