The way a CRM is meant to empower.

Traditionally CRMs have always been mostly about keeping management on top of things and less about empowering sales. In that way CRMs have been the very essence of the top-down hierarchy.

In theory it works just fine for management to turn to IT experts for the purpose of acquiring a system that will help management get an overview of sales results.

Looking at the bigger picture though, CRMs need to truly empower every single user and especially the sales reps. who are worthy of greater return value than what traditional CRMs offer them.

Salesbox CRM is designed to cater for the needs and desires of every single user as well as the company. It is all about you and your colleagues!

Did you know? The more data you put into Salesbox the better the system will be able to predict your future for you and your colleagues. Based on your previous performance Salesbox can then advice you on how to prioritize your pipeline. This comes from updating data like setting your targets (for sales, activities, revenue and financial targets).

Also by using personalized/product specific sales processes Salesbox will know how YOU are actually working to close YOUR deals. By keeping track of your appointments and making all your calls to customers using Salesbox CRM the system will also learn your way of working, and thus pick up on details and make analyses to be able to guide you in moving forward.

All that information (plus much more) and basically every small piece of information that you update into Salesbox will be carefully nurtured, analyzed and presented to you in visually appealing statistics to help you identify the patterns that historically brought YOU success.

In return for your updates you will receive important information that would probably take you about a week to calculate manually. And after that week you would have to start over again because you only got a snap shot of what was the reality at that specific moment you were calculating for.

Salesbox CRM will give you an on-going, real-time update of where you stand TODAY, and what is required from you and your team to reach your targets.

  • From your sales target, like how far are you from bridging the sales gap and what the GAP means in reality.
  • From your activity target, like what do you actually need to do in terms of dials, calls and meetings to reach the sales target.
  • And financial targets, as in what profit margin do you need for the deal to bring in at least sufficient profit or at what profit margin are you expected to close deals.




Avoid the guesswork, knowledge is power

The aim of Salesbox is to put guesswork and procrastination out of business. You are getting the facts regarding what efforts you actually need to put in to reach your targets. In next week’s blog: how to set up different types of targets for different types of purposes. For example, financial targets for the entire company, or activity targets for the individual user.

 More importantly, we will go through why you absolutely need to be working with targets, both to benefit your company and yourself, yet also to leverage the empowering self-learning data that Salesbox automatically feeds you once you start really using Salesbox to close more deals.

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