The most easy to use CRM for small teams


For small teams

Get the basics you need to run your small or new business.

From finding new customers on LinkedIn to closing and maintaining your customer relations.

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Truly mobile

Use your mobile, apple watch or computer.

Work from anywhere and track your customer communication. You can even use your voice to update this easy to use CRM.



Manage your daily tasks.

Connect tasks to accounts/contacts or leads.

Get automatic tasks added when adding new leads.



Get control over your potential deals.

Get automatic guidance to move your leads forward.

Convert your leads to deals.



Get control over your relations & customers.

Track your communication.

Get insights on how your customers perform.



Easily convert your leads to deals.

See what each customer has bought and how much they have spent.

Analyse the average deal time, deal size and if they got any discount etc.

Easy as pie prospecting with Salesbox Basic & Lead Clipper...

Add any of the 450+ million LinkedIn members or companies directly to Salesbox basic with Salesbox Lead clipper.

Get leads and tasks added automatically from LinkedIn or a classic .CSV file.

Getting relevant leads and qualifying these has never been so easy!

Salesbox Lead Clipper

...that also gives easy lead qualification & automatic guidance!


Import leads from LinkedIn with one click or add manually from Salesbox basic CRM.


Get your task scheduled automatically in Salesbox CRM to qualify your new lead.


Get guided to follow up your lead later in Salesbox basic CRM, if you can’t close them directly.


Convert your lead to an order in Salesbox basic CRM. Add your order rows, costs, discounts etc.

Get full control while mobile

iOS & Android


Get updated with relevant notifications. On iOS there is also 3D-touch.

Contact sync

Import your iOS contacts and keep them up to date automatically.

Delay & arrival messages

Salesbox notifies your customer when you run late and when you arrive to meetings.

Get routes

Get a route to your customer or meeting from where you are. Choose drive, walk or public transportation.

Take photos

With Salesbox you can take photos from your accounts and contacts.

Call, SMS and email with Salesbox to get complete tracking of your customer communication. Get guidance after each call.


Apple watch

Get notifications, accept/decline tasks or leads, get routes, place calls or add notes and more. Get encouraged by smart gamification or get smart reminders when falling behind.


3D touch for iOS

Add tasks, leads, orders or appointments directly from your mobile desktop. Act on notifications by pushing them harder without opening Salesbox.


Smart voice commands

Sometimes your device is not in arms reach. Call, Send messages, Open customers, Get routes, Add notes, Add tasks and set your tasks as done by talking to Salesbox through Siri.

Worried about getting stuck in a basic CRM solution? When the time is right, upgrade your Salesbox basic subscription to one of Salesbox’ more advanced packages for collaboration, process management and more automisation…