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Campaigns, Insights, Personal & Company Settings: Salesbox dictionary part 3

Campaigns, Insights, Personal & Company Settings: Salesbox dictionary part 3




In part 3 of the Salesbox dictionary:

– Campaigns (automatic lead generation)

– My settings (personalize Salesbox)

– Insights (visualize performance and forecasts)

– Company settings (optimize Salesbox)


Campaigns – Automatic lead generation:

Using Campaigns you can post marketing campaigns through MailChimp (email marketing), Facebook and LinkedIn.

Salesbox will track the performance and when someone interacts with your

Campaigns, they will show up as automatic Leads in Salesbox.

You will find the output of your Campaigns in the Leads menu option. The Leads will be labeled by MailChimp, Facebook or LinkedIn logos, depending on where the Leads were generated from. The Priority level is set by how intesively the Lead interacts with your Campaign.


Go to Insights to Create, Manage, Combine, Save, Display, Export and Share reports.

See Targets, Progress, Forecasts and budget GAP on Sales and Activities for individual users, specific units or for the entire company, sorted by Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

Quickly see trustworthy Forecasts for Sales, Revenue, Profit and Margin.


View your company’s top Countries, Regions, Cities and Industries.

On Top Accounts, Contacts, Performers and Products, you can sort by:

– Sales, Profit, Opportunities, Margin, Deal size, Growth, Activity (Dials, Calls and Appointments), Type or Size.


My Settings:

Personalize your Salesbox experience.

Upload a personal Photo and keep your contact information up-to-date


Change Display Options: show different menu options and start screens on the devices you use Salesbox. On iPhone we suggest having your Contacts as start screen so you can open Salesbox quickly to make phone calls. 

On iPhone/iPad you can Import the Contacts on your device (coming in December to the web version)


Social media – connect to Facebook and LinkedIn to use Add contact -> By Search, to search Contacts through Facebook and Accounts through LinkedIn.

Company settings:

Only the Admins and Managers of your Salesbox account can view and change Billing info and Company settings.

Enter and update Company info and connect with Dropbox for document storage and with MailChimp, LinkedIn and Facebook for creating Campaigns.

In Default values you customize Account/Contact Types and Relationship, as well as customize Task/Appointment Category and Focus and Help type. Here you can also set up your Sales processes, click here for instructions.

In Organisation is where you can Add already subscribed Users (pay for the users in Billing info) and Organize them by Unit.

Set Targets for Sales, Revenue, Activity and Finance.

Manage User rights. Which users should only Read, Write or Delete their own objects and which users can

Read, Write or Delete at Unit or even Company level. Admin rights can also be managed in User rights.

Add and Manage your Products/Services in Groups, Types and Products.

Import and Export Accounts, Contacts, Products and Opportunities/Order rows.

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