Salesbox CRM for LinkedIn

Convert the millions of LinkedIn members into prospects with LeadClipper

LinkedIn Prospects

Use Salesbox CRM for LinkedIn to Import LinkedIn prospects directly to Salesbox. Get the contact, company and a prospect added with one button click. Automate reminder scheduling to qualify the prospect.


Use Salesbox CRM for LinkedIn to import any company from LinkedIn. Get logo, size, location and web. Add your existing customer accounts in seconds.


Use Salesbox CRM for LinkedIn to import any person from LinkedIn. Get photo, name, company, phone, email etc. Convert your LinkedIn prospects into Salesbox contacts to qualify in seconds.

More efficient prospecting


More leads added

Add your next prospect now, get going in no time!


Install the plugin from Google Chrome web store. Click the install button on the page or from My settings/add-ons in your Salesbox account.


Login to Salesbox Lead Clipper (Click on the Salesbox logo in the Chrome browser). If you don’t have a Salesbox account, register from Lead Clipper.


Open or refresh LinkedIn and find the person to add as a Contact (existing customers) or as Prospect in the Pipeline if it’s a potentially new customer.


Begin qualifying your new prospects from your newly added prospects and reminders. For existing customers, begin communicating with them through Salesbox.