CRM for Microsoft Teams

Work with Teams from Salesbox


Salesbox CRM for Microsoft Teams lets you sync your Microsoft teams meetings. Add and initiate meetings directly from Salesbox or from Microsoft teams. Never feel out of sync again in your CRM.
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Contacts Salesbox


Salesbox CRM for Microsoft Teams lets you chat with any contact in Salesbox that you share a Microsoft teams group with. Check their online status in Salesbox and add notes, reminders, meetings or deals directly from the chat window.

Salesbox CRM for Microsoft teams makes it easy!

Calls and dials

Connect your preferred call solution to Teams and get all your calls and dials done with Microsoft teams added to each Salesbox contact's communication log automatically.

Group short cuts

Get quick access to what happens in your Microsoft teams groups. Add relevant Microsoft teams group short cuts to your companies, contacts or deals in Salesbox.

Not only for sales

With Salesbox Microsoft teams add-on also people working with delivery or other non-sales roles can benefit from Salesbox and assist in adding leads, notes or other relevant information to assist your sales in growing the customer.