Do you know how to reach your sales target?



Have you ever wondered how to reach your SALES TARGET? Have you ever felt stressed when your manager asked you?Then you know how hard and time consuming it can be.

It is not hard to understand how big the GAP is. Most CRMs can provide you with that figure. It’s just a plain value – budget minus closed plus net pipeline value. That’s easy! The real trick is to always, 24/7, know what that GAP means in reality.

  • Which opportunities in your pipeline should you prioritise?
  • How many opportunities above a certain level have you missed?
  • How many opportunities do you need to add to your pipeline before a specific date?
  • How many dials do you need to do?
  • How many calls do you need to do?
  • How many appointments do you need to do?
  • Do you even have enough working hours left to reach your goal?

These are all valid questions and you need that information to be able to answer the question, “What is your plan to bridge your GAP?”

We have met so many salespeople over the years who don’t even understand the question. They come up with a lot of excuses and speak about one irrelevant thing after the other. The ones who do understand the question cannot answer it directly. They ask for time, probably a week or so, but the time they spend attempting to create a gap analysis is time away from sales, time that further decreases the chance of reaching their goal.

When the GAP is presented it is also not uncommon that the analysis does not include the above stated numbers. That means that the time spent on the analysis was a double waste. This is not unusual, and it’s why we at Salesbox CRM believe that a CRM should provide that information in real time, 24/7!

It should not be hard to know what it will take to reach your goal!

By monitoring your pipeline and adapting to your individual performance history, Salesbox CRM can proactively provide you with an AUTOMATIC SALES TARGET GAP ANALYSIS – an analysis that is present in your pocket all the time, just a swipe or click away ( If you want to know more about predictive analytic don’t hesitate to read our article about that). Even your manager can see it, and so can the team or the entire company if they want to. Knowing the number should not be exclusively for those who are capable of nailing a physics exam, it should be something that every salesperson has access to 24/7. It should be as natural as having a hammer is to a carpenter.

You could compare it to a car garage. Do you think that in 2014 they guess what’s wrong with your engine? NO, of course not! They plug in a cable, get the correct data and know the exact status of your engine. WHY shouldn’t you who work in sales have the same kind of support? WHY should you settle for tools that were modern in the stone age? We just ask the questions, you bring the answers. If you ask us, we think you should have the best support you can get, so you can focus on what is important – making sales and reach your sales target.