Do you know your business contacts, for real?



Do you get frustrated when thinking about your CRM?

The same ABILITIES that make a successful SALESPERSON also make most salespeople FAIL on ADMINISTRATION and STRUCTURE. Very few people are good at both influencing and structure.

Therefore they need to an INTELLIGENT CRM system that helps salespeople focus, prioritise, analyse and structure their workdays. Most salespeople need a CRM that help them focus on what they are good at and like – selling.

An intelligent and mobile CRM don’t force you to spend endless hours behind a screen at the office, doing administration. Most salespeople don’t see the value of their CRM – frankly, because it doesn’t bring value.

If you don’t see the value in something for you, you want to stop doing it after a while, right?

Get to know your business contacts, for real!

Do you know which of your business contacts are most profitable or how your contacts have performed compared with the same period last year? With a mobile CRM you know a lot more about your contacts than in a traditional CRM.

You can see all the latest coomunication in terms of all dials, calls, video calls, messages and emails and who did it and when, you even keep track of how long the calls are.

You will also get help by the CRM to keep track of how many dials and calls you make on a contact.

With an intelligent CRM you also know how much revenue, profit and margin you make on your business contacts. Most sales departments know which accounts that are important and contributes to growth.

With an intelligent CRM you will know this for your business contacts as well, no more guessing. You will know exatcly which of the people you deal with on the largest account that are the really important people to have godd relationsship with.

So, when you through your annual customer event, you dont need to ask everyone to invite a few people each. Do you recognize this situation; do you usually invite the people you believe are funny, polite, look good etc. to that expensive customer event?

With an intelligent CRM, you know exactly which business contacts that are you top contributors, so you can make sure you invite the people that matters in reallity for you.

Also, with a mobile CRM you work with your business contacts from different perspectives.

In a mobile CRM you have easy access through favourites, recents, alphabetical or detailed sorting of contacts, just as you are used to in the regular dial function on your smartphone – everything to make it easy for you.

Once you know which one of your client matters, you can schedule a meeting. In order to be prepare you can read our article about How to conduct a successful sales meeting.