Salesbox CRM be a winner

Why you can improve your CRM situation and what prevents you to do it


Salesbox CRM be a winner


Every new BEGINNING comes from some other beginning’s END, right? Some beginnings are also triggered by PAINFUL EXPERIENCES. Ending something can be hard and painful.

To be able to move forward and improve, we almost always need to change and start with something new. It is the those who EMBRACE change and adapt to new beginnings who put the competition behind and become the new leaders within their field.

The force of CHANGE and moving forward is always STRONGER than the forces trying to preserve.

Listen: have you ever given any thought to your working environment being truly supportive of your path to achieving your targets?

Is it worth an improvement, or do we really get a change?

Many CEOs, Sales Directors and sales people have wanted to change CRM and behavior for a  long time. The problem has been that the options haven’t been good enough and worth the effort to change.

Why go through all the hazzle to only end up on square one again, right? The only thing you probably get is a cost in terms of money, time and energy for the so called change that most likely won’t happen? or is there a way to actually get a change worth the effort?

What you probably really want is:


As Sales Director

  • Not be forced to enforce the usage of CRM by commander all the time.
  • Focus your dialogue on strategic sales and not nitty gritty detailed follow up of sales people.
  • Have a sales team that cooperates and constantly are aware of what is needed to close the next deal and how to reach their sales target.
  • Focus on tomorrow, not yesterday.
  • Get a tighter cooperation between sales and marketing. Get a clear overview, from marketing to closed deals, how are you doing.

As sales representative

  • Get help and knowledge about what to focus on, every day
  • Get help and knowledge about what it takes to reach your targets
  • Being able to update your CRM in seconds
  • Being reminded after calls and appointments to easily update your pipeline
  • Get a good cooperation with marketing department and get access to relevant leads to follow-up

As Marketing Director

  • Get an easy way to reach multiple marketing channels from one place
  • Be sure that the leads generated by the campaigns are distributed to the right individual automatically
  • Being able to get a good overview of the result of your marketing activities, from send outs to campaign target follow-up in term of leads, opportunities, deals and closed sales.
  • Work more close to sales to be able to help

Why do so few change then?

Look: To get this you probably need an improvement, let’s agree on that. So what can you do?

What we are trying to tell you is, there’s probably a lot of friction around you that keeps you from focusing fully on finding your way forward. We mean, making high-margin sales is hard enough as it is, right?

So, focusing on getting the change is there, in the back of the mind, but it always slips back in the queue of more urgent matters to handle.

Things that might prevent you from getting the change might be that you and your organization are:

  • Being stuck behind the desk with laptops/computers when there are customers out there waiting to give you money… This prevents you from making more sales.
  • Using a stale stationary web based CRM that forces your people to do sales administration while in office or back home. This drains your people of valuable energy.
  • Getting a lot of internal complaints about your CRM and probably, as a result, use a variety of tools to keep track of your business, but having a hard time to get the complete support for these tools and also get them updated. Everybody goes there own way. You loose control and by so miss out on important things and might cause wrong decisions.
  • Forced to spend countless of hours on creating your own reports in excel. Again, this consumes energy and causes stress and by the end less results.

The result of this is increased frustration and decreased focus and by the end less sales than you are capable of, both as individuals and as a team.

So, what can you do?

To lighten up this situation you might want to consider using a tool that

  • First of all is easy and quick to update, that is the No. 1 thing holding sales people back from continuously updating their CRM.
  • Deliver a value back to sales people, if they see that they get more value in return for updating the CRM more frequently, they will do it
  • Replaces all the existing individual tools you are using today to keep track of you customers, like phone contacts, smartphone notes, Excel, email inbox, whiteboards, small free apps for this and that, you need to combine them all into one place so you get a complete 360 degree view of your customers engagement.
  • Makes it possible to update and become updated in real time anytime, anywhere, 24/7, i.e. a mobile tool. Using stationary tools are soon gone, the world is going mobile, also in business. Being stuck behind a desk using laptops is soon as outdated as using your fixed line phone.

If you want to improve your sales and CRM situation

Traditional CRM was never designed for salespeople by salespeople, therefore many salespeople don’t see the value they get from their current CRM.

Anyone finding themselves in that situation needs to stop and ask themselves, “Do we want to continue like this or do we want to change to something better?” If you say, “YES, we want to change!” then it’s time to challenge the CRM status quo.

It’s time to start putting demands on the CRM market to provide tools that bring value, not headache.

You can start by asking your current provider what they can do for you to change your situation. You can also compare the answers and suggestions you get with a few options. Ask for true sales support that improves you and simplifies your workday.

To sum it up, to make a true change its not enough to change from one web based CRM to another, that won’t make a true difference.

To get a real change you need to at least consider and try a mobile, intelligent and collaborative CRM that incorporates the things mentioned in this article.

If you are to deeply rooted in your current structure and not prepared to try new ways to get the benefits, someone else will, and its those that are willing to try new ways and change that also becomes tomorrows winners.


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