How to identify and deal with a blue DiSC profile ?



Greetings! You know that guy or gal who always follows up whatever you say by asking a question… Yeah, the fact-based person who’s always looking for the ‘reason’ as to why and how and what and when… You gotta love them =) blue DiSC profile.

Learn how these people think and behave, and how to communicate with them without stepping on their toes… You never know when you’ll meet one, but if you read this short ebook you’ll know how to make them really like you when you do =) To not get on a blue DiSC profile bad side, it’s crucial that you never do any of these 5 things. And I mean NEVER! Cave to your needs before making these mistakes or you’ll have a troublesome time repairing the damage you just caused…

1) Don’t tell them they’re wrong, they HATE that! If needed, bring out facts and let the facts underline the problem!

2) Don’t give them direct criticism, and also, don’t give them direct criticism!

3) Don’t talk too much about blatant things; instead, find a way to show them what you mean or what you want! A graph (if done correctly…) usually does the trick.

4) Don’t tell them how great ‘this new thing’ is if you don’t want to spend the next minutes defending yourself or whomever told you how great the thing is… I can assure you they are going to want to see for themselves how great it really is before making up their mind.

5) Try not to be irrelevant when making conversation. Stay on topic and bring out facts to prove your points!

Million dollar tip: The best way to communicate any task you want a blue DiSC profile to perform is often by sending them an email with all the details. This will allow them the time they need to wrap their head around the big problem and to come up with a plan for how to solve the problem. Don’t forget to follow up on them… They tend to spend more time on their planning than on the actual taking-care-of-business part…

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