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CRM for Fortnox

Salesbox – The Best CRM for Fortnox

Get the best of two worlds and streamline your prospecting, sales, customer management, invoicing and book keeping with a combination of Salesbox och Fortnox.

Salesbox is the perfect CRM system to connect to Fortnox since both platforms primarily targets Small businesses.

With Salesbox’s connection to Fortnox you get a fully integrated and affordable solution that streamlines your everyday business. 

Salesbox in Fortnox App market

As one of few CRM systems Salesbox is available in Fortnox app market. Get Salesbox from Fortnox App market with a button click.

To make it even more easy we automatically import all your customer data to Salesbox once your Salesbox account has been created.

Sync from Salesbox to Fortnox

Name, VAT no. Addresses, Phone etc. syncs automatically.

New customers, customer references, sales reps, new articles etc. are sent automatically from Salesbox CRM when you close your won deals.

Sync from Fortnox to Salesbox

Salesbox secures you always have access to the correct data through automatic imports of new customers, customer contacts, invoices and articles, including all relevant data, from Fortnox to Salesbox.

Automatic invoices

When setting a deal as won in Salesbox CRM for Fortnox an invoice is automatically generated including the correct articles, discounts etc. in Fortnox.

Creates articles

When an invoice is generated you'll also get a new article in Fortnox if it does not already exist.

Creates customers

Salesbox CRM creates new customers in Fortnox automatically when you close new won deals in Salesbox CRM for Fortnox, if the customer is not there since previously.

Creates customer references

Salesbox CRM creates customer references on the invoices based on what contacts that were connected to the won deal in Salesbox.

Salesbox is an authorized integration partner of Fortnox.

About Fortnox: Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform for small businesses and accounting firms to manage their finances and administration efficiently. The platform is the market leader in Sweden. It also gives customers access to financial services and business insurance. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Växjö. The share is listed on NGM Nordic MTF. For more information see