Salesbox for Google Workspace

Syncs emails, calendar & documents

Tracks your emails

Salesbox for Google Workspace saves all sent & received emails to / from your Salesbox contacts. Also send personal mass emails from Salesbox with your Google mail. Track when your emails are opened or clicked in real-time.

2-way calendar sync

Salesbox for Google Workspace automatically connects your synced meetings to the contact in Salesbox. All meetings from Salesbox syncs to your Google calendar. All Salesbox synced meetings gets it’s own color in Google.

Get more out of Google workspace

Gmail, Calendar & GoogleDrive

Salesbox Gmail panel

Salesbox Gmail panel displays the Salesbox contact you’ve got mail from. Salesbox contact panel lets you see the history and take proactive actions.

Add directly from Gmail

Work with sales & relations directly from Gmail with Salesbox Gmail plugin. Add reminders, notes, meetings and leads to your Salesbox directly from Gmail.

GoogleDrive sync

The Googledrive sync automatically generates folders in your GoogleDrive and lets you upload & edit documents from Salesbox or GoogleDrive. Any update is synced.

Upload & edit documents

Work directly in GoogleDrive from Salesbox. Upload and edit Google supported documents directly from Salesbox or from GoogleDrive.