Have you mastered the art of looking busy without knowing it?



Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt stressed about what you should focus on during the day? Have you ever felt that you could use some help and support with knowing which activities and actions to prioritize?

Would you instead like to wake up with a calm and nice feeling in your stomach? Knowing exactly what to focus on and prioritize, because you have a personal coach in your mobile Apple device that automatically generates a daily prioritized task list? It is not hard to fill the day with a lot of activities – that is easy.

Looking occupied and feeling stressed have become natural parts of many salespeople’s workday. Filling the workday with meaningless activities that for sure consume a lot of hours but produce very little value for the individual. Unless just consuming work hours in itself is a goal? The question is whether the activities you are doing are relevant and will bring you closer to your goals. Therefore it is vital to always ask oneself, “Will what I am doing right now really bring me any closer to my target?” If the answer is NO, then stop doing it right away.

Skilled, top-scoring salespeople always prepare themselves the night before or early in the morning. They write daily to-do lists and prioritize their activities so they know exactly what to focus on when the workday begins. We have met so many salespeople who work overtime week after week and feel stressed because they are so far away from reaching their goals. They are also often stressed because they are not really aware that they are focusing on the wrong activities. Such activities often include:

  • Burying themselves in meaningless administrative tasks
  • Attending meaningless internal meetings
  • Putting energy into bad deals that are not in scope for the company
  • Too easily shifting focus to other activities
  • Letting too much time pass and making too little progress with prospects

These are all easy traps to fall into, traps that consume your valuable time. Ask yourself, “Will this activity bring me any closer to my goal?” If not, stop doing it directly.

If you believe that you are doing and focusing on the right things, but in reality you are not, frustration will not be far away, because despite all your effort, energy and time you won’t get any leverage. If you recognize yourself in the above completely or partially, you are not alone. These behaviors are very common among salespeople. You see, the problem is that the same behaviors that make you good at influencing, inspiring and making sales are a heavy burden when it comes to structure, facts and the ability to prioritize. These different abilities often require two different types of people.

It should be easy to know what to focus on and prioritize!

So, one important trick behind success is to always know what to focus on, 24/7. It is vital to know which activities, in reality, will take you closer to your goal, not further away from it. Therefore it is surprising how badly the traditional CRMs support salespeople on this matter. Sure, you can create your own manual tasks, but does that really help? Isn’t what you need a personal and intelligent coach in your pocket?

One that helps you focus and prioritize every day? One that coaches you based on your personal pipeline and personal performance history? With a mobile, intelligent and social CRM like Salesbox CRM in your pocket, you will spend less time on meaningless activities and increase the chances of reaching your goals. As a bonus, you will also feel less stress and have more time for fun stuff.

Once you have prioritized your tasks, you can focus on what really matter, for example conduct successful sales meeting.