How can consultants generate leads?



Use your hidden sales army and increase your consultant leads!

As a consulting company, are you trying to increase your lead generation, cross sales and up selling by using your hidden sales army, i.e. your consultants?

Did you know that your consultants are probably your best source when looking for leads – leads that you have but are not aware of?

We know that many consultant companies are trying to involve their consultants in sales to increase their business. We know that you want to make consultants generate leads by finding client problems to solve and suggesting solutions to them, and reporting all that back as leads to the sales department.

We also know that very few companies are successful at this. There are many reasons why it is so hard to create routines that your consultants will follow. Here are a few that we have identified:

  • The routine is too complicated, so consultants don’t know how to report leads.
  • The consultants don’t know who to report to.
  • The consultants can’t get an answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?”
  • The consultants forget to report or it takes too long to reach the right salesperson internally.
  • The consultants and salespeople lack collaboration capabilities because they don’t share the same business system.

All organisations have problems, but not all are relevant and need to be solved.

It is the same for your clients. Did you know that only approximately 20% of your clients’ relevant problems are known? Of course, as soon as your client is aware of a relevant problem they will try to solve it.

If they cannot solve a problem on their own, the most common solution is to ask others for help. In reality, that means asking the market to solve the problem, and that also means competition.

Competition always comes with the risk of price fights and lower margins, which doesn’t always benefit your organisation, therefore it is vital that you find these relevant problems before your competitors do and before your clients are aware of them.

In reality, that means you need to have consultants who are on their toes and actively trying to find problems that your company can help its clients to solve. It also means that quickly notifying your sales department of these opportunities is vital.

Besides achieving more leads, there are other benefits from such behaviour. Studies have shown that consultants who proactively inform their clients of relevant problems and propose solutions are perceived as being much more creative and therefore are also appreciated more by their clients.

Also, psychologically it becomes almost unethical for a client to ask someone else to solve a problem that you brought to their attention. So by working more proactively you reduce the risk of competition dramatically and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients.

How can Salesbox CRM help you?

By putting Salesbox CRM in the hands of your consultants, they become more mobile during their working day and they work with the same system as your sales department.

With a truly mobile CRM like Salesbox CRM, your consultants can directly report relevant problems as leads when they become known.

Regardless of where a consultant is – at the coffee machine, having lunch, in a meeting, on the subway or wherever – their ability to easily classify leads and send them to the right salesperson is simple.

If the consultant doesn’t know who to send the lead to, they can send it as an open lead that anyone in the sales department can grab.

No matter which method is used, the sales department or the individual salesperson is notified by Salesbox CRM so that the necessary call can be made straight away, before the competition.

You can also track how many leads each consultant brings in to the company.

You can use that information to create competitions, give commission or do anything else to answer the “what’s in it for me” question, which is vital if you are to increase the willingness of your consultants to find the leads that allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you want to learn more you can still read our article about how to generate more leads in B2B.


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