How I got 6 leads while taking my wife shopping



Let me tell you a short story. First, I have to clarify one thing though: results like these are not in any way typical. However, IF you apply a fairly simple methodology I can easily see people just like you getting an equally fast and well-organised lead generation system.

Anyway, I took my wife shopping the other day. While she was trying on clothes and whatnot I – as always – reached into my pocket for my iPhone.

This time around I decided to try something different… I wanted to create an on-the-run marketing campaign. My craziest ideas are usually born in the most unusual places… And I just had to test this one out immediately.

So using my smartphone I created a campaign and sent it out in under a minute. Yes, I know that sounds completely ridiculous, and it might even raise a few questions.

However, it’s completely true, and if you’re serious about learning my system I’d be happy to have it demoed for you. Anyway, leads started popping in almost instantly. By the time of my second coffee (shopping = at least 3 cups of coffee…) my campaign had generated 6 new leads.

Salesbox CRM allows me not only to track the leads, yet also to share these business opportunities with my colleagues. As I was in no position at all to follow up on the leads, I forwarded them to a sales guy in my team who acted instantly by picking up the phone.

Actually, he thought this was such a funny story that he told it to the leads he called! BOOM! One of the guys called was so impressed by how the system had automatically generated leads from a marketing campaign that had been sent out while I was shopping that he subscribed for 3 licenses while on the call.

Now, I’m not trying to say these results are typical, however along with succeeding in generating more leads I find myself having a more balanced life with the freedom to spend more quality time with my wife.

Except for that minute it took me to create the marketing campaign of course… My point is that generating more leads and spending more time with our spouse is something that many folks like us desire, so I wanted to share this little story with you just to let you know that little things like these add up and they all get you closer to your goal.

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