How to import information to Salesbox


Here is an instruction article that describes how to import information to Salesbox from your own .CSV file, Google, Microsoft, your mobile device, email plugin, LinkedIn and from any website.

Data integrity

Worried that we would have access to your data? Don’t worry, we won’t read or touch your data.

How to import your existing .CSV file data 

1: Click on the cogwheel icon at the bottom of the main menu

















2, 3, 4, 5 Go to Company settings and import your data

Salesbox CRM import service .CSV
















2. Click on Company settings.

3. Click the Import/exp in the menu.

4. Click the Import button.

5. Either click on the drop area to upload your own .CSV file or drag and drop the file into the drop area.


How to map your columns to data fields in Salesbox.

To view all your sheet rows click View all. To go back to the minimal view click View less at the bottom of your .CSV content.

Salesbox import service .CSV map data fields

All your column headers are being listed below your file content. For each column header, select the matching data field on an account and/or contact in Salesbox.

You can also select one or more users in the User responsible list. The selected users will be part of the account and contact teams for the imported accounts and contacts.

When your are satisfied with your choices click Done/Submit at the bottom to perform the import.

Duplicate control and connecting contacts to accounts

When the actual import starts it might take a moment depending on the number of accounts and contacts you are importing. Don’t worry. For every import you do Salesbox maps you imports to existing data to reduce the risk for duplicate imports.

Salesbox also makes sure the contact specified on the same row as an account automatically gets connected to that account in Salesbox.

If you import contain accounts or contacts that already exists, Salesbox adds any additional information to the existing account/contact that Salesbox finds in your new .CSV file.

Contacts and accounts inherit from each other 

If an account has adress info given but not the contact on the same row, the contact will inherit the same adress info as the account. Salesbox also do the opposite, i.e. if the contact has adress info but not the account, then the account will inherit from the contact.

Multiple phone numbers and email addresses

You can add as many phone numbers and email addresses as you want to the same account or contact.




Start syncing or adding contacts from Google or Microsoft 

You can add contacts from Google contacts or Outlook contacts. Just go to My settings and connect your Google or Microsoft account. After that, click  Sync contacts and select those that you want to get a 2-way sync on. Now you have a 2-way sync on the selected contacts and can update either on Google/Microsoft or in Salesbox.  If you have more questions pleqse check our article about how to Salesbox CRM’s Microsoft integrations.











Start syncing or adding contacts from your mobile devices

You can add contacts from your mobile device. Just go to My settings on your mobile device and select Sync contacts from the mobile device.  After that, select those that you want to get a 2-way sync on and click done. Now you have a 2-way sync on the selected contacts and can update either on your mobile device or in Salesbox.

Import contacts/leads from your email client

If you have installed the Gmail, Outlook or Mac email plugins from Salesbox you can easily add new contacts directly from your email client. When you receive an email from a person that is not a contact in Salesbox you can just add the person with a click of a button. Salesbox will collect all information available in the email and signature.


How to install the Lead generation Chrome plugin for Salesbox 

  1. Go to My settings
  2. Click on install Google Chrome plugin
  3. Install the Google Chrome plugin from Chrome store
  4. Click the new Salesbox icon, that you will find, on the top right of your Chrome browser to login to Salesbox
  5. Go to linkedIn and search for any role or company type
  6. Click on the Salesbox tab you see at the right end of your Chrome browser
  7. The search result is displayed in the Salesbox panel. Add any contact you want from the list
  8. Switch to companies in the LinkedIn filter to the left to do the same for companies










If you add a contact from LinkedIn, Salesbox will also add the account that the contact belongs to on LinkedIn.

The Salesbox Chrome plugin also allows you to grab any Contacts on any website and easily add to Salesbox. Just select the contact and import it.



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