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When working with sales in different environments you have different needs. Therefore Salesbox CRM will be available on different devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs. When using different devices you also interact with information in different ways, because of the different needs.


Here are some examples of how different environments trigger different behaviors.


When working from your desk in the office it is convenient to get a great overview of your pipeline, reports, marketing campaigns etc. In the office you can easily set your strategies and discuss with colleagues in front of the same screen.

In this scenario you most likely want to set your CRM to display all information.

What start screen you set on the laptop might depend on your role. The sales director most likely wants the pipeline as start screen, the CEO wants the reports/insights and the marketing director wants the marketing campaigns as start screen.


When out-of-office you most likely want to be notified regarding changes affecting your pipeline, be able to make calls, do quick updates and get reminders to stay on point, etc. Therefor, a smartphone is most likely your choice of device.

You get a 10-minute window during the day and want to schedule some new appointments or, you need easy access to your call lists to catch up on calling while out in the field.

Maybe you want to update your colleagues regarding what happened during your appointment or update your progress and next steps on your opportunities.

For this scenario you most likely want to reduce the displayed information in Salesbox to what is relevant for you right now. For example, you might want to set your favorite contacts as the start screen to be efficient when needing to communicate.


Sometimes we work outside the office, like in a coffee shop, on the train, or in meetings with customers, and opportunites. In these scenarios the laptop is too heavy and inconvenient to bring along and the smartphone too small to work with.

The perfect companion is a tablet. It is big enough to produce documents, get a fairly good overview and quick to get going with.

Also, it is light enough to carry around. In this scenario you might want to reduce the displayed information and have a different start screen than on the other two types of devices.


With Salesbox CRM you can personalize the CRM to display information differently on your different devices. To do this, go to MY SETTINGS and select the relevant options.

  • Your personal info including photo
  • Change password
  • Display options: Select what menu choices to display on the current device, what start screen to use when entering the system and what start tab to display for those menu options that have several tabs
  • Change display language. You can select between 14 different languages
  • Contact import: Select what contacts to import from your local device. Update contacts regularly and Salesbox lets you know what new contacts you have or what contacts that have been updated, so you can import those changes to your CRM.
  • Connect your social media accounts to Salesbox to be able to search Facebook for Contacts and LinkedIn for Accounts and to import these to Salesbox CRM
  • Invite new users who you believe could benefit from using Salesbox CRM

Additional to knowing of the manual actions you can take to personalize your experience, please note that Salesbox automatically adapts to your performance, pipeline and behavior to be able to guide you to the target.

Salesbox will also, over time, gently remind you to place calls to important contacts you haven’t spoken to for a while, ask you to add opportunities to not fall behind etc. Salesbox is all about helping you focus on what is important to you, and make it easier for you to reach your targets.