How to use Salesbox CRM’s Google Apps plugins


Here is an instruction article that describes how to connect and work with your favorite Google Apps (Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Google Docs, Google Drive & Chrome) to Salesbox.


Data integrity

Worried that we would have access to your data? We won’t read or touch your data and when connecting your document storage we only create a Salesbox folder that all documents created/uploaded from Salesbox gets added to.

Salesbox won’t get access to any other folders on your storage. We don’t store your documents either so if you unlink Salesbox you keep all documents and the generated structure in the storage but the links are removed from Salesbox.


How to link your Google Apps to Salesbox 

1: Click on the cogwheel icon at the bottom of the main menu.










2,3: Go to Company settings and link your preferred document storage.










Dropbox & OneDrive only support one company login. All user share the same login from Salesbox. Google, OneDrive for Business & Dropbox for business require individual user login for those Salesbox users that need document management.

Salesbox will automatically add a folder structure on an account, contact or opportunity when you click on the document icon on any of these objects. You will get folders called Emails, Notes, Quotes, Agreements and Presentations. You can easily add new ones and work with your Google docs directly from Salesbox.

If you use a tablet you can take meeting notes with a stylus or Apple pencil, if you do those notes will be stored as PDFs in the Note folder.

4, 5, 6, 7: Link you personal Google account










4. Click on My settings.

5. Link your Google account to get the 2-way sync of selected Contacts, Calendar posts and Tasks.

6. Link you storage, if using Google Drive, OneDrive for Business or Dropbox for Business

7. Install your preferred email plugin for Gmail, Outlook or Mac


Start syncing or adding appointments from your Google calendar

You can add appointments from both within Salesbox or from your Google calendar to get them 2-way synced. This works from any device where you use your Google calendar (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, PC).

Salesbox automatically syncs Description/title, location, invitees, time, date and notes.


















If you add an appointment from your Google calendar, Salesbox wouldn’t know which account, contact or potential business opportunity the appointment is connected to. The next time you login to Salesbox, you will get a list of new appointments you have added to your Google calendar so its easy to select which account, contact and/or opportunity it belongs too.


How to use the Gmail plugin for Salesbox 

After you have installed the Gmail plugin you get a Salesbox panel to the right inside your Gmail. When you receive emails from a contact you have in Salesbox it will automatically be displayed on the right side panel.

Work with Salesbox from Gmail

You will be able to add new notes, leads, tasks, appointments, opportunities, colleagues to these contacts directly from Gmail. You will also be able to read most of the data of the contact directly in Gmail. This makes it possible to do most of your sales work directly from Gmail with the Salesbox plugin.

Easily add new contacts/leads

If you receive an email from a person that is not a contact on Salesbox you can just add the person with a click of a button. Salesbox will collect all information available in the email and signature.

Automatic logging

With the plugin you will also get automatic tracking of your sent/received emails. To see who sent what, just go to the Latest communication section of the contact and see the entire communication log.

Save your preferred emails

If you want to store emails just click on the Save email icon to store both the email and any attachment to the preferred account, contact or opportunity. It gets displayed in both the Latest communication and in the automatically added document folder ‘Emails’ in the specific account, contact or opportunity.

IMPORTANT: To be able to save emails, you must connect a document storage.

Tracking the receiver (Open email, click on links, open attachment)

If you want to know when the receiver opens the email, click on Track email icon before sending your email. You can also choose to track when the receiver click on any added link or opens your attachment. This is highly valuable when sending quotes/offers. Then you will know when they open your quote/offer and can reach out when you are the top of mind for your customer.

How to install the Lead generation Chrome plugin for Salesbox 

  1. Go to My settings
  2. Click on install Google Chrome plugin
  3. Install the Google Chrome plugin from Chrome store
  4. Click the new Salesbox icon you find to the top right of your Chrome browser to login to Salesbox
  5. Go to linkedIn and search for any role or company type
  6. Click on the Salesbox tab at the right end of your Chrome browser
  7. The search result will be displayed in the Salesbox panel. Add any contact you want from the list
  8. Switch to companies in the LinkedIn filter on the left to do the same for companies










If you add a contact from LinkedIn, Salesbox will also add it to the account that the contact belongs to on LinkedIn.

The Salesbox Chrome plugin also allows you to grab any Contacts on any website and easily add to Salesbox. Just select the contact and import it.















Note  : if you want to connect Microsoft’s applications (Outlook, Office 365, One Drive) to Salesbox you can always check this article which focus on theses specific features.