Salesbox voip

How to use VOIP with Salesbox

Salesbox voip

This is an instruction article on how to make VOIP calls from Salesbox web version on a laptop or computer.


  • You need to have a VOIP solution (Facetime, Skype, Viber etc.) installed on your desktop laptop/computer
  • The contact or account need to have a phone number added to be able to make the VOIP call.
  • For international calls: The phone number need to have the + and country prefix added, e.g. +1 for USA, +44 for UK. Otherwise the VOIP will most likely add you local country prefix to any phone number missing the country prefix.


How to place a call from Salesbox

There are two ways you can place the actual call

Click on the number 

Salesbox VOIP

 If clicking on the number does not work: Right click on the number and select the call option 


Click OK to place the call


If you have the browser expanded to full screen mode it might be that your solution popup gets hidden behind the browser. To avoid this don’t expand your browser to full screen mode while calling.


Where can I call in Salesbox?

You can place calls anywhere in the system where you might find a phone number.

  • Tasks
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Call lists
  • Appointments


Salesbox calls: VOIP on web vs smartphone sim-card calls

When calling with a VOIP solution like described in this article you will miss out on some features that you have access to when calling with Salesbox on your smartphone.

  • Traction of dials and calls
  • Not added to the Latest communication on Accounts or Contacts
  • No followup questions from Salesbox when hanging up the phone


How to set default VOIP on MAC

If you use MAC you set the default VOIP solution that should be used when clicking on phone numbers like this.

  1. Open Facetime
  2. Login with your FaceTime account
  3. Click on FaceTime in the header menu and choose Preferences…
  4. At the bottom of the settings tab, select the preferred solution


Note : We strongly advocate you to use Salesbox solutions to place call, you can read here an article about 3 benefits you can get by using Salesbox automatic phone tracking.