In Salesbox CRM we call a business opportunity, well, we call it Opportunity. Some call a business opportunity lead or prospect but it is only different names on the same thing.

What defines an Opportunity in Salesbox CRM is the fact that you apply some kind of process to move this opportunity from start to closure Win/Loose.

You can also use Opportunities and processes for other things like cases or projects to some extent.


To create a new opportunity do like this:

  • Click on Opportunities in the left main menu
  • Click on the plus sign (+) in the top bar to add a new opportunity
  • Add the account and/or contact that you want to close this opportunity on
  • Select what colleagues you want to work with on this opportunity
  • Select how you divide the opportunity between the different team members in term of percentage by clicking the name of any team member
  • Name the opportunity
  • Select what product group the opportunity* is related to
  • If you want, change sales process
  • If you want, change Contract date. The date you see is a suggestion from Salesbox CRM based on your personal history or predefined values when setting up the system

[/list] Now you are done with the basics to create a new opportunity. If you also want to add a value to the opportunity you need to add at least one order row. To add an order row…

  • Click on the green plus sign (+)
  • Select what product you want to add/sell
  • Change any of the pre-defined values** if you want
  • Click Done
  • When back in the Add opportunity view, click Done

[/list] You have now added a new opportunity to your pipeline. *) To create a new product and product group go to COMPANY SETTINGS-PRODUCTS and click the plus sign (+) to add a new product group.

To add a new product type click the Tab Type and click on the plus sign (+). To add a new product click the product group you want the new product to belong to, then click the plus sign (+).

Add the asked for values and your new product is ready to be used. **) The start and end date affects how your sales forecast divides your potential revenue over the period between the aggregated start and end date of the opportunity.


Your new opportunity acts as a structured container for different information and actions. The information objects you can add to an opportunity and collaborate around are:

  • Tasks)
  • Appointments
  • Opportunity team
  • Contacts (People on your customer’s side)
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Order rows
  • Process (Check activities)
  • Photos

You can also see the following on an opportunity

  • Financial information
  • Workload information
  • The next 2 suggested activities to perform
  • What unit the opportunity belongs to
  • What sales process you use
  • What product group it belongs to

To edit the basic information of an opportunity click the pen in a square icon to the top left. To delete it or ask for help from a colleague click the three (3) dots icon to the top left. If you ask for help Salesbox CRM will generate a task and send it to the one you ask for help from so they can accept or decline.


Once you have your new opportunity set up you are ready to go and start working together towards a win. Every action you take on the opportunity will be shared with your opportunity team in real-time.

This makes it easier to be up to date with any progress or change of the opportunity where ever you are. It also makes it easier to help each other.


The structure of an opportunity and the way processes work in Salesbox CRM can also be used to manage other things than business opportunities like

  • Simple Case management
  • Simple Project management

If you want to work with simpler case management or project management you do not need to add an order row. Just use the opportunity as a container to keep your case/project process, other information and actions together in a structured way.

Note : If you want to know the difference between leads and contacts in Salesbox, which are the previous steps before opportunities, and how to manage it, then you can read this article.