Inbound & outbound marketing

Regardless if you close deals in one call or meeting, work with short sales cycles or work in long complex sales processes, you need to get leads.

Personal mass emails

Send personal mass emails from Salesbox with your Office 365 or Gmail account, with/without attachments.

Track what contacts that opened or clicked on URLs.

Get notified in realtime on your mobile or computer screen and check the history in the communication timeline.

Search for all contacts that opened or clicked on emails between different dates.

LinkedIn, Mailchimp or lead lists

Salesbox lead flow works as a charm together with external lead sources, e.g. the Salesbox Lead clipper for LinkedIn.

Just find the company or contact you want to qualify on LinkedIn, import as a lead to Salesbox and get both a lead and a automatic qualifying task set when it suits your schedule.

It works the same regardless if your leads are added form Mailchimp or lead lists you’ve purchased.

Use Salesbox the way it suits you best!


One call = deal

You close your deals in one call/meeting then use leads and tasks.
When you close a deal convert your lead to an order.

Short sales cycles

You meet/talk to your lead several times to close a deal but don’t like sales processes.
Use leads and tasks plus custom fields to create stages for your leads. When you close your deal you just convert your lead to an order.

Long processes

You work with different sales processes to close your deals.
Use leads and tasks to qualify your leads before converting them to opportunities. When the lead become an opportunity you apply the sales process that suits the specific deal best. 

Get efficient without sales processes.

Get efficient without sales processes.

Get efficient with sales processes.

Get complete guidance: From finding the company you want as a customer, to a registered order.

Salesbox leads flow

Become more efficient with Salesbox



More efficient prospecting



Data added automatically



More efficient sales admin

Focus on leads and tasks

If you mostly work with closing orders you basically only need to use the lead and task section of Salesbox for your daily operations.
Use pipeline and dashboards for follow ups and stats.
Add tasks and appointments directly to your leads.

Separate leads from customers

To make it more clear who is a lead and who is a client added companies (Accounts) or Contacts to the lead section don’t get added to your account/contact sections anymore, until you convert your lead to an order/opportunity.
Salesbox also manages the classification for you automatically, when a lead is converted to an order or opportunity, the account and contact also change status from lead to client.