Increased usage is the key get empowered



How do you look upon your CRM usage ? Do you want a register to only keep track of contacts and what has been done historically or do you want a true business support that empowers you, your team and your company?

A support that help you reach your targets? Everybody knows that a business system needs to be used and constantly updated to create any value to the users.

Still, so many accept the situation where the users only update the system once a week, putting one self, the team and the company in a situation where acting in blind for long periods.

It is almost like many have given up and accepted a reality where there are no options to this. It is like driving forward by looking into the rear mirror and navigating with a GPS that only give you an update on where you are every 10 minutes.

This has to do with several thing, here are a few

  • Most traditional options are too similar and only differ on price, color and perhaps a few features
  • Most traditional options do not provide a true changed behavior of the users
  • Most traditional options are stale and stationary in a world where the users are mobile by nature

The days when a business can be satisfied with having a digital register instead of a paper based register is gone. For most companies speed, continues and instant knowledge is vital to beat the competition.

In such environments it is just not good enough to have a register updated once a week leaving all analytics to you as a user, it is just to ineffective.

  • To get a changed behavior where the users constantly updates themselves, the colleagues and all who are involved you need a tool that is easy and quick to use, it should take seconds to update.
  • Is accessible all the time and anywhere the users are located.
  • Is reminding the user and ask questions after key activities like calls and appointments.
  • Is doing constant analytics and presents how each performed activity change what is needed to reach the targets.
  • Is aligning with the user’s daily reality. Unfortunately most current systems force the users to apply processes are too far from the user’s reality, hence no one use them.
  • Encourage the users to move forward by suggesting activities and and congratulating when reaching and beating targets and records.

When having such support the users get value back and feel that the support empowers them. Then they will also start using the system, since it brings value back to their table. Then you will start increasing CRM usage.

If you are forced to do something that you don’t see the value in for yourself, you will only feel like it is a burden and good for someone else. That’s where most CRM users find themselves today.

All these things leads to management getting poor reports. Management also needs to spend time on getting the data by calls and meetings with team members who only perceive these discussions as control and surveillance.

This is not positive and good use of all involved parties time. If you recognize yourself in this, do something about it. There are good options out there that are easy to get going with, actually generates a changed behavior and deliver value back to all user groups.

Once you have increased the CRM usage within your company you can start digging into your actual number and use predictive intelligence, as described in this article, to outpaced your competitors.