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Guest article by Cheri Tree, founder of B.A.N.K Code

Personality typing has long been considered the key way businesses can transform results internally. This proven science provides companies key insights. In fact, according to Deloitte estimates, 60-70% of all corporations in the U.S. currently use some kind of personality typing system to assess the likelihood of future success of prospective candidates. Companies have also leveraged personality typing to improve team dynamics and communication, identify ideal candidates for leadership roles, and even provide team-bonding activities.


Learning To Use Personality Typing In Sales

I personally became interested in personality typing for my small business almost 20 years ago. In my first year as a financial advisor, I only made $700. I was devastated. Instead of giving up, though, I set out to learn every best business practice and study every sales program I could find, including personality typing. Over a five-year period, I raised my income up to a solid $72,000. While this was good, I wanted to do better—and I knew I could get more out of the basic principles behind personality typing if I could just type my prospects to learn as much about them as I learned about myself.


With such powerful insights available, it seemed a shame that programs like DISC and Meyers-Briggs could only provide companies with internal interpersonal knowledge. That’s why I set out to reverse-engineer personality science to easily determine what my prospects’ types were quickly and accurately, as well as a way to use that knowledge to predict how their personality would affect their decision-making process.


These insights allowed me to create B.A.N.K. , a personality typing system that allows you to pinpoint a person’s buying personality in just a few minutes and then take what you’ve learned to speak to them in a way they respond to. This revolutionary approach to personality typing not only allowed me to increase my income by over $500,000 in a single year and over $1,000,000 within three years, but also has allowed me to teach others these principles for even more amazing results. We’ve, since then, had the science validated by researchers at San Francisco State University and taught to students at Harvard.


Leverage Personality Types in Sales with a Four Simple Steps Method

While I am not going to go deep into the specific B.A.N.K. methodology now, I want to give you the basics to start leveraging personality typing in sales today. There are four simple steps to get better sales using personality science.


Remember that it’s all about them, not you.

Recent research reveals that for sales, the personality type of the prospect matters, not the salesperson. It’s so tempting to give the presentation that would convince you to buy, but up to 75% of the time, the presentation that would appeal to you would turn off your prospect. You have to make it about them, not you.


Customize your pitch to your prospect.

Just focusing on your prospect isn’t enough on its own. You have to put that knowledge to work by customizing your standard pitch. No one-size-fits all presentation will appeal to all personality types. As Tony Robbins says, “Let your prospect determine your presentation.”


Know what trigger words can close a sale with your prospective buyer’s type and avoid tripwires that turn them off.

The right word can close a deal. We all have trigger words that get us to trust others and say yes. Knowing the right trigger words for each personality can get you the “yes.” Recent research indicates that that the wrong words may be even more important. These tripwires can terminate an opportunity permanently in just a few seconds, no matter how appealing your offer looked only moments before.


Focus on communicating clearly, not “selling.”

Communication, not persuasion, has to be the goal when you’re pitching an offer to your ideal customer. After all, you never want to sell something to a client that inherently doesn’t serve their needs. You’ll only get an unsatisfied, angry customer. Instead, clearly show those who really could benefit from your offer why. Instead of using sales-speak, communicate honestly to their personality type, and you’ll find that the sale closes faster than expected.



Personality typing in business has long been the secret to success. Smart entrepreneurs should seek to replicate these successes in all areas of business—especially sales. So how do you sell successfully? It seems like no one can answer this question effectively, until now. Companies are spending thousands of hours and millions of dollars teaching their people “how to sell”, instead of investing in answering the only question that impacts the bottom line, “Why do they buy?”




In my new book, Why They Buy, I reveal the secrets, the science, and the system to supercharge your sales up to 300%. You can pick up your copy at whytheybuy.com, available in four different colors, based on your personal B.A.N.K. code.


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Cheri Tree


Cheri Tree

Founder of B.A.N.K Code



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