How to import leads from Mailchimp


Salesbox comes with built in campaign functionality to make it dead easy to provide your sales team with warm leads. Salesbox is integrated to Mailchimp, (also LinkedIn and Facebook) to make it easy to tap your Mailchimp email campaigns on leads automatically.


Connect Salesbox to your Mailchimp account

  1. Go to company settings by clicking the small cogwheel at the bottom of the main menu
  2. Go to company info
  3. At the bottom right corner you click on “Link” to Mailchimp
  4. Login to Mailchimp with your preferred Mailchimp account.


Step 1: Set up your lists directly from Salesbox

Use standard fields, custom fields and advanced searches to segment your accounts and contacts in Salesbox. Once you have your preferred result, add the result to an existing Mailchimp list or create a new Mailchimp list, directly from Salesbox.



Add Contacts/Accounts to an existing Mailchimp list

  1. Go to Account/Contact Alphabetical screen in the main left menu
  2. Search to limit your list to only include the ones you like*.
  3. Click on the small edit icon to the top right of the list (Looks like a box with a pen inside)
  4. Click on the Mailchimp icon
  5. Select the Mailchimp list to export the result from Salesbox too.
  6. Click done


Add Contacts/Accounts to new Mailchimp list, created from Salesbox

Repeat step 1- 4 above

  1. Select “Add new list” in the dropdown of available Mailchimp lists
  1. Fill out the form with all the required fields by Mailchimp
  2. Click done


Step 2: Create your emails in Mailchimp

  1. Login to Mailchimp and create your campaign consisting of one to several emails.
  2. Connect the preferred list to the email send outs
  3. Apply your own design/template to the send outs
  4. Schedule your send outs


Step 3: Create and connect a Salesbox campaign to Mailchimp

  1. Click on Campaigns in the main menu
  2. Click “Add campaign” by clicking the plus sign
  3. Give your campaign a suitable name
  4. Add the colleagues that are supposed to get the leads that are generated from the campaign
  5. Set between which dates the campaign is active and import leads from Mailchimp
  6. Optionally set a sales target for the campaign
  7. Set how many steps the campaign consist of, preferably the same number as emails being sent from Mailchimp, one step = one email.
  8. Set what product group the campaign belong too.
  9. Optionally give what explicit products the campaign focus on.
  10. For each step: Click on drop down and select the email to track for leads (Drafts, Scheduled emails and Active emails from the last two weeks are possible to choose), click Link button
  11. When done with all steps, click Done at the top of the campaign.


Now Salesbox will track when receivers of your emails open and click on URLs and each time they get a specific lead score. If they pass a threshold equivalent to a click on URL they get added in realtime to Salesbox as a lead.

Salesbox will send a realtime message to the user for each new lead that gets added to a users lead list. If you use Salesbox apps for iOS or Android you can get notified wherever you are and interact directly to qualify the lead.

Salesbox will also add a qualification task automatically to the users Task list when the lead is added. This makes the entire lead qualification work much more streamlined and efficient.


Mailchimp contacts that are not in Salesbox are added automatically

If you have people in your Mailchimp lists that are not inside Salesbox yet and they get generated as leads, they will be added automatically.

They get added as leads and will popup in your account/contact lists once they have converted into opportunities or orders.


Duplicate control & enrichment

Salesbox will take of your duplicate control and you will only get one active lead for one interest, regardless how many time they interact with your Mailchimp emails. For each new interaction they will get a higher lead score and possibly also priority in Salesbox. This also applies for other lead sources like your web, if you use Salesbox support for web leads.

You can also enrich your leads with more data from .CSV imports, Salesbox LinkedIn plugin, Outlook emails etc.


*) Search with Advanced search (AND/OR) on both standard and custom fields to get the account/contact list you want. Example, give me all contacts in New York marked for Newsletter 1.


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Andreas Lalangas

CEO & Founder Salesbox