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Mobile CRM gives you real control


Being mobile is everything; freedom, speed, control, and most important, less administration. It is about being modern and letting go of old habits that hold you back and prevents you from becoming an independant and succesful individual.

Having your team in the office landscape is just a perceived false control. With a true mobile CRM you know who does what and when. Just because someone is at the office physically does not mean they help you reach the goal.

As a team member you get to collaborate in a completely new way when becoming mobile, no more wondering what to do or who has called whom, updated what etc. with a mobile solution, you know!

Being mobile is everything for the ones who want to break through and be truly free and in control at the same time.

Salesbox CRM is the global leader on mobile CRM, they created this new category of CRM systems. If you want to get a mobile CRM, this is the benchmark you need to compare too!Jim Berkowitz, CRM Expert USA

In our private lives we are used to being able to access many services directly from our smartphone or tablet. The mobile device is the first thing we fire up in the morning and the last we put aside before going to bed.

The phone is there, right next to us, almost all of our awake time. Being mobile has made our lives so much easier, in so many respects. That’s why we love our mobile devices so much. Now it’s time for business software like CRM to take the same leap that we made personally several years ago.

Now the time has come to make CRM truly mobile. Working in sales and other very mobile professions today is sometimes hard due to the lack of mobile support. Join the quest to challenge the CRM status quo and become truly mobile.

Why mobile CRM?

Do you have a mobile workday but you are forced to use stationary tools? Are you travelling and meeting clients, but find you are forced to a desk for administration?

Does administration take countless hours of your precious time, time that you could spend on more business or on friends and family? We have gone from;

  • using pen and paper, sitting behind a desk, to
  • using a typeing machine, sitting behind a desk, to
  • using a desk top computer, sitting behind a desk, to
  • using a laptop, sitting behind a desk…

Now its finally time to break free and be able to work with sales anywhere. Being mobile is freedom, speed and having more control in one package. Smart mobile devices have made how and when we access data much easier.

With new functionality constantly multiplying the ease with which we can access and use data, mobile technology is set to increase its involvement in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally.

A dynamic world require mobile solutions

The new era of mobility has totally changed the core of how we do business. We travel more, meet more, call more. First we used laptops instead of PC, and now we use tablets and mobiles instead of laptops.

We experience a rapid and fundamental change of how we do business. And for the new way of doing business we need new tools. To be able to be effective in this dynamic environment you need a CRM that utilises the features of both the CRM and your mobile device.

truly mobile CRM that is integrated with the Dial function, Maps, Calendar, Email, Photos, Camera and Contacts on your mobile device. This means you can avoid a lot of time-consuming admin work like saving call records.

You can also attach photos of important things to your mobile CRM. No more ”When did I call this client?” or ”Where did I misplace my notes about that client?” A web-based CRM cannot deliver the same level of integration and therefore not the same level of sales support improvements.

That is one of the reasons why you need a mobile CRM in your workday.