Mobile life creates mobile habits and mobile business


Do you remember the days before the iPhone arrived in 2007? I sure do, and I don’t want to go back. Imagine not being able to stay in touch with friends and family wherever you are, or being forced to go to an office to do administration. Imagine not being able to book your ticket while waiting for the train or not being able to read the newspaper while on the train. Imagine having to send postcards to everyone you know when you’re on vacation, only because it was the fastest way to send a personal written message. Imagine with me being forced to go to the bank office or your computer to pay your bills or to transfer money.

Do you believe the world was
an easier place to live in before?

The list of things that have changed dramatically in recent years could go on forever, all thanks to the arrival of smartphones and tablets. Don’t you wonder why, despite this development, we continue to accept being stationary when it comes to business software and routines? I sure do, and I wouldn’t want to go back to a stationary life. Are you with me on that one?

In our private lives we are used to being able to access many services directly from our smartphone or tablet. The mobile device is the first thing we fire up in the morning and the last we put aside before going to bed. The phone is there right next to us almost all of our awake time. Being mobile has made our lives so much easier, in so many respects. That’s why we love our mobile devices so much. Now it’s time for business software like CRM to take the same leap that we made personally several years ago.

How mobile life have changed our behavior in the past

Mobile business software will have the same impact on our daily routines as mobile email had when it broke through around 2007. Pre 2007 most users that spent their days on the field had to manage all emails in late evenings back home or in the office. That behavior has thankfully been buried. Today most of us utilize what we call dead time moments during the day to manage our emails. It can be a couple of minutes break in a meeting, waiting in line on the supermarket, waiting for the metro etc. With systems mainly accessed through laptops and stationary computers, that’s not possible.

Make your business 100% mobile and become more effective and less stressed

Now the time has come to make the CRM truly mobile. Today, working in sales and other very mobile professions is sometimes hard due to the lack of mobile support. Join the quest to challenge the CRM status quo and become truly mobile.

4Do you have a mobile workday but you are forced to use stationary tools? Are you traveling Tablet-sellers-best-friend-image-blog-imageand meeting clients, but find you are forced to a desk to do your administration? Does administration take countless hours of your precious time, time that you could spend on generating more business or on friends and family? Smart mobile devices have made how and when we access data much easier. With new functionality constantly multiplying the ease with which we can access and use data, mobile technology is set to increase its involvement in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally.

Remember: Mobile will be the biggest contribution to changed CRM usage, ever. It will dwarf the impact cloud had on CRM in the early 2000’s. Try it, and be amazed how quick your behaviour can change and that’s what it’s all about; to continuously find new ways to change, improve and gain on your competitors.