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How to become the Modern Marketing Director

Salesbox - The Modern Marketing Director collaborate with Sales and use the same tools to track revenue related KPIs to support growth.

In many traditional B2B companies the Marketing Director’s and Marketing team’s responsibilities are highly focused on Branding or Content. In many cases it has nothing to do with Lead Generation and certainly not about Revenue Generation.

The modern marketing director knows it’s not only the Sales department that are accountable for the revenue growth, also the Marketing department need to contribute.

In general the marketing department is responsible to generate as good leads as possible and the sales department is responsible for closing these. In theory this is easy but in real life so few have succeeded.

Read the rest of this article to understand one way to increase the chances for working together in streamlined and efficient flows that are highly automated.


To few quality Leads is often one of the reasons behind sales inefficiency

For a Sales department to become efficient they need good and a sufficient amount of leads to work on.

Leads that match the target customer profile, leads that are interested in buying what the company is selling.

One of the biggest issues for Sales departments is that the sales reps has to few quality leads to work on and that they spend way to much time on prospecting.

Here is where a modern Marketing department comes in to the picture. To increase sales efficiency and hit rates, the modern Marketing department provides the Sales department with sufficient quality leads to make sales focus mostly on sales and not prospecting.


The modern marketing director don’t only focus on Open and Click

The marketing department is in general one of the most digitised departments in a company.

Usually they have adopted different digital tools to send newsletters, invitations, create campaign landing pages, track visitors on the website etc. This is a really good!

The main issue, is that these tools often operate as stand alone solutions, from a Sales perspective.

This has created a situation were most marketing departments only focus on optimizing campaigns, newsletters, content and website based on Open and Click.

This is often due to the fact that that’s what you can track when operating these platforms independently.

The problem is that the success factor of a marketing campaign is often based on how many…

> leads,

> opportunities,

> orders and

> revenue

… the campaign, landing site, web etc has generated.

To exaggerate : If its only Open and Click that are the success factors of a campaign, then its better to send out funny pictures, high Open and Click but zero revenue.

The modern marketing director has a wider set of KPIs to track than Open, Click, most visited pages etc.

The modern marketing director is involved in generating revenue

A modern marketing department should be involved and know what channels generates most leads, opportunities, orders and revenue.

A modern marketing director  should see that marketing is an important part in the flow from generating leads to closing order.

To put it simple, in a modern organisation the marketing department is responsible for generating the best possible leads and the sales department for closing those leads.

On top of that both have a responsibility to maintain the existing customer relations but we will not cover that in this article.


The modern marketing director knows who to target

To be able to generate the best possible leads, that generates the best possible hit rate for sales the modern marketing director should not only answer the general questions :

> Who is our dream customer ?

> Which market do we want to target ?

> How do we want to position ourselves ?

But also the  basic day-to-day questions :

How do we want to enter this market ? ⇒ Which specific person would be a good customer for us ? ⇒ How and Where can we find them ?

and finally ⇒ How many leads and revenue were generated by Marketing this month ?

This means the Marketing department should be as accountable as Sales for lead and revenue generation.


The modern marketing director tracks more KPIs than Open & Click

If the Marketing department in general only tracks Open and Click. This makes it hard to track if the marketing activities contribute to increased sales and revenue.

What other KPIs should they track to be able to support sales in generating more revenue ? 

How can the Marketing department become more revenue oriented ?


Here some general guidelines that to follow.

The modern marketing director make sure Marketing and Sales speak the same language :

The first thing to do is to make Marketing and Sales speak the same language. They need to be able to understand each other in the Lead Generation, Lead Qualification and Sales  phases.

That is to say when they are asked separately if a prospect is a good lead they have to make the same answer.

A lead should be defined as a first stage in a potentially new order. The lead could be on an existing customer or a potentially new one.

During the lead phase you focus on qualification and relation until you reach a point where the lead converts, and becomes a business opportunity.

That business opportunity can the become an order (won opportunity).

Once this terminology is agreed it’s time to settle marekting KPIs that go beyond Open emails, Click links, enter landings pages etc.

Don’t get us wrong, these KPIs are also important but to truly support the sales department with quality leads the Marketing department need to looks at some more KPIs.


The most important extra KPIs are

> Number of generated leads

> Number of leads converted into business opportunities

> Number of business opportunities converted to orders

> Total sales generated by a campaign


Once you have defined these KPIs you can really start working together (Sales and Marketing) in joint end-to-end processes that goes cross department and are focused on the same targets.

This way your Marketing Department will be more focused on supporting your Sales Department to generate more revenue.


How to work together efficiently

To make it more efficient working together between Marketing and Sales it is a good idea to start operating in the same solution. This solution can consist of different tools.

The important part is that your digital flows are working seamlessly between the departments so the administration gets reduces to a minimum and it becomes easy to track your joint KPIs.

Our recommendation is to choose an end-to-end platform that connects the tools you are working with Website, Email automation, individual emails, phone calls etc.

This will considerably enhance your Marketing and Sales internal coordination because they will share the same information on a given person.

If you adopt a Sales acceleration platform for your end-to-end solution this will also force your Marketing Department to adopt a more deal oriented point of view.


A good example of what you can do with an end-to-end solution is the following:

  1. Send a sales campaign to a specific segment that aligns with your target customer profile. The emails include links to a landing page.
  2. The individual emails are tracked in a Sales Acceleration platform via a campaign
  3. The users click and open and get lead scoring (If thresholds are passed they should be added as leads in the end-to end solution), directly to a sales rep, which is also notified in real time and potentially gets a task scheduled to qualify the lead. (All without any humans involved (humans tend to cause delays)
  4. The receivers of emails click link to go to a landing page
  5. The end-to-end solution sense that the lead has been on the page and enrich the existing lead and at the same time alert the sales rep
  6. The Sales rep follows up, and converts at the proper stage the lead to a business opportunity.
  7. The sales rep gets alerted when the potential customer comes back to the website
  8. The sales rep close the business opportunity as won and have received an order


All in all both the Marketing and Sales Department can follow the progress in real time. The KPIs and stats becomes really easy to follow to increase performance of the future campaigns.

All thanks to a few additional KPIs that the marketing department need to consider to be able to truly support the sales department.


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