Office 365

The Office 365 plugin makes you more efficient

Our deep integration with Microsoft is one of many reasons that makes Salesbox the empowering, easy-to-use and smart Office 365.

Easily connect your favourite Microsoft Apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Office365, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business with Salesbox.


#1 Office365 plugin

With Salesbox Office 365 plugin you can do most of your work with Salesbox directly from Outlook on Windows, Mac, Web or Mobile.


Salesbox Contact panel in Outlook

Salesbox Office 365 plugin automatically displays the Salesbox Contact when you receive an email so you can quickly see the Contact’s status and previous communication.

Work with Salesbox from Outlook

Work with sales, relations and pipeline directly from Outlook Desktop or Office365 mail with Salesbox Office 365 plugin.

Add, update or delete notes, tasks, appointments, documents, leads, opportunities on your Salesbox Contacts directly from your Outlook Desktop or Office365 mail.

Add new Leads from Outlook

Easily add new Contacts/Leads directly from your Outlook or Office365 mail client with the Salesbox Office 365 plugin.

Track all in/outbound emails to your Salesbox Accounts and Contacts.


Save preferred emails and attachments

Easily save your preferred emails and attachments from Outlook desktop or Office365 mail to the Salesbox Account, Contact or Opportunity with Salesbox’s Office 365 plugin.

Track your emails with Salesbox

Track all in/outbound emails to your Salesbox Accounts and Contacts.

Want to know if your business contact has read your offer? Turn on the receiver tracking.

Salesbox tracks if and when your Salesbox Contacts  open your emails and also if and when they open any email attachments.

Add meeting invitations

Easily add any received meeting invitation directly to the Salesbox Contact and calendar directly from your Outlook desktop or Office365 mail with the Salesbox Office 365 plugin.

2-way sync with Outlook/Office365 Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Salesbox makes your workday more smooth by providing a really tight integration with the regular Microsoft apps you use everyday.


2-way sync of Contacts

When you sync between Salesbox and Outlook/Office365 Contacts, any changes you make to your Outlook/Office365 contacts will automatically sync with Salesbox. Any changes you make to the contact details in Salesbox will also be updated in Outlook/Office365 Contacts.

2-way sync of Calendar

Salesbox automatically syncs your selected appointments in Outlook/Office365 Calendar. Any changes you make to your Salesbox appointments in Outlook/Office365 Calendar will automatically sync with Salesbox. Any changes you make to the appointment details in Salesbox will also be updated in Outlook/Office365 Calendar.

Office365 and OneDrive/OneDrive for business directly in Salesbox

It has never been easier to work and find customer documents if you use OneDrive/OneDrive for Business and Office365.


Provides structure

Salesbox automatically generates a common folder structure on your OneDrive/OneDrive for Business and your preferred Salesbox Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.


Create & edit Office 365

Work directly in OneDrive/OneDrive for Business from Salesbox. Create and edit Office365 documents or upload any documents directly from Salesbox.


Syncs your structure

Get a 2-way sync of your documents and document structure between Salesbox and OneDrive/OneDrive for Business. It has never been easier to work and find customer documents.