Salesbox CRM email campaigns

Quickly get going with Salesbox email marketing campaigns

Salesbox CRM email campaigns

The easiest way to get going with the least effort are actually the classic old timer email marketing. Since email marketing has also consistently been the most effective way of generating leads we highly recommend this lead generation channel. The trick is to get this integrated to your crm to make the workflow as effective as possible.


Why campaigns?

With an integrated lead generation flow you will increase both the focus and activity levels. You will also be able to act on your incoming leads in realtime.

With Salesbox, Mailchimp, a smartphone and an email client you can easily get this lead generation flow automated and completely tracked so you get a clear view of which campaigns have delivered the best results.

All you need to do in Salesbox is the following

  • Link your Mailchimp account to Salesbox
  • Upload your lead/contact list to both Salesbox and Mailchimp (When importing to Salesbox we recommend to also addwhat company the contact works in into the import template)
  • Click on add a new campaign













  • Set the number of steps you want to send out (We recommend 3 – 5 over 2 – 3 weeks)
  • Connect each step to a relevant email/campaign on Mailchimp













  • Set it as done













  • (Optionally also share the same campaign on your LinkedIn and Facebook landing pages)
  • Salesbox tracks the interaction and automatically generates leads to the sales reps in real-time (They even get a notification for each new lead)
  • The sales rep can qualify the leads
  • If they are worth proceeding with, then sales reps convert the lead in to an opportunity that gets added to your pipeline. (Here you start using any of your sales processes, which process depends on what product/service the sales rep is selling and who the customer is)
  • Copy the campaign and do it again or give it to a colleague to run the same campaign.


We highly recommend to start each new week with one campaign to have plenty of leads for the sales reps to work with.

If you don’t want the sales reps to have unique campaigns just add one campaign for the entire company and set the leads to be sent to the delegation list in Salesbox.

Then anyone can grab the leads or the manager can hand them out. We do however recommend that the sales reps get the leads directly in real-time so you don’t get any delays/bottlenecks.

When communicating with the lead in both the qualifying stage and the sales process in the pipeline, all communication is easily done from Salesbox.

Calls are made from Salesbox on the smartphone, emails are sent with Salesbox Gmail, Outlook or Mac mail plugins.

This makes it both easy and effective to qualify leads and push the deals forward. As a bonus all communication gets logged (dials, calls and emails).


In Salesbox campaign section you can also easily follow up and see

• How many leads a campaign has generated

• How many of the leads have converted to opportunities

• How many of the opportunities have been won

• How much money the campaign has generated

• What channels (Mailchimp, LinkedIn or Facebook) performs the best.


On the each lead you can also see how many clicks and opens they have done.

Note : We have written a new article if you are wondering how to link your Mailchimp account with your Salesbox account in order to easier lead generations.