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Salesbox’s commitment is to deliver the best mobile and collaborative sales CRM to businesses that want to be successful with their sales. Our ability to deliver this has been showcased by continually getting good reviews and winning awards.

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Salesbox CRM won international award for most INNOVATIVE and BEST SALES CRM 2016.

Salesbox CRM won this award on Europe’s largest business conference in London during May 2016.

This award honours the most innovative product or service which has assisted sales teams in maximising sales results while minimising the amount of cost, effort, and time expended.

“Salesbox gives sales teams the power to increase productivity, generate more leads, and keeping that flow of sales consistent.”

Predictive Analytics CRM

6 Ways That This Revolutionary CRM Solution Will Empower Your Sales Organization

“I believe that SalesBox CRM is one of the few vendors that is indeed offering something different, dare I say revolutionary.”

“I am very impressed with this offering. If you value their mobile first, performance-based, sales guidance approach to salesforce automation, then I recommend that you add Salesbox to your short-list of CRM solutions to consider for your organization.”

Jim Berkowitz CRM analyst, USA


Salesbox is a mobile first CRM. Ask any tech guru or IT practitioner, and they’ll tell you mobile is the next big thing.

As a matter of fact, in terms of mobility, functionality and productivity, mobile version of a desktop app usually can’t hold a candle to mobile first app. Mobile native apps such as WhatsApp and Waze have already radicalized our daily lives and we believe it’s just a matter of time before mobile native CRMs do the same for businesses. And this is where Salesbox comes into its own.

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