Google Apps

Become more efficient with our Google Apps plugin

Salesbox for Google Apps will make you workday easier.

You can now easily connect and transfer your Google Contacts, Calendar, Docs and Drive into salesbox.


Our Gmail plugin

Salesbox for Google Apps facilitates use of Salesbox directly from Gmail.


Salesbox Contact panel on Gmail

Salesbox automatically displays contact information when you receive an email, enabling you to instantly view the contact’s status and previous communications before responding.

Work with Salesbox from Gmail

Work on your sales, relations and pipelines from Gmail with features that allow you to Add, Update or Delete notes, tasks, appointments, documents, leads, opportunities and such on your Salesbox directory.

Add new Leads from Gmail

Add potential new contacts as leads from Gmail contacts app.

Save preferred emails and attachments

Easily save your preferred emails and attachments from Gmail to the Salesbox Account, Contact or Opportunity.

Track your emails with Salesbox

Track all in/outbound emails to your Salesbox Accounts and Contacts.

Want to know if your business contact has read your offer? Turn on the receiver tracking.

Salesbox tracks if and when your contact opens your emails and its attachments.

Add meeting invitations

Gmail plugin enables transfer of your invites and scheduled meetings/appointments to your Salesbox contacts and calendar.

2 way sync with Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Salesbox for Google Apps smoothens your busy workday through the seamless integrations with the Google apps that you use on a daily basis.


2-way sync with Contacts

When Salesbox and Google contacts are synced, any changes made to your Google contacts will automatically be updated on your Salesbox directory. In the same way any changes made on Salesbox will be updated on google contacts as well.

2-way sync with Calendar

Salesbox instantly syncs your scheduled meetings/appointments on Google calendar.

Enables transfer of data to Google Calendar and from Salesbox Calendar and any changes made on either of the Calendars will be updated on both.

1-way sync with Tasks

Salesbox automatically syncs your Google Tasks. When you add a Google Task it will automatically be synced to Salesbox.

Google Docs and Google Drive on Salesbox

Salesbox for Google Apps makes it easier than ever to view and work on your documents if you’re a google drive and google docs user.


Provides structure

Salesbox automatically generates a common folder structure on your Google Drive and your preferred Salesbox Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.


Create & edit Google Docs

Work directly in Google Drive from Salesbox. Create and edit Google documents or upload any documents directly from Salesbox.


Syncs your structure

Get a 2-way sync of your documents and document structure between Salesbox and Google Drive. It has never been easier to work and find customer documents.

LinkedIn lead clipper for Google-Chrome


Search LinkedIn for companies and business contacts according to your preferences and easily add them to Salesbox.

linkedin (1)

Import any Lead from LinkedIn

Salesbox Google Chrome plugin allows you to search and import any contact or company you might find on LinkedIn. Import one or many from one search.


Contacts get linked to Accounts

Salesbox automatically links all your new Contacts to the correct Salesbox Accounts.