Google Apps

Easily connect your Google apps for Email, Calendar, Documents & Contacts to Salesbox.

Salesbox Google apps plugin syncs your emails and calendar

Sent & received emails

Salesbox saves your sent & received emails to / from your Salesbox contacts.

Send personalised mass emails from Salesbox with your Gmail account.

Track when emails are opened or clicked in real-time.


Sync of Google calendar

Salesbox syncs your selected meetings in Google calendar.

All changes you do in Google calendar syncs directly to Salesbox.

All changes you do in Salesbox also syncs to Google calendar.

Work with Salesbox contacts in Gmail with our Google apps plugin

Salesbox contacts in Gmail

The Google plugin displays the Salesbox contact you got mail from.  

Check the contact’s status in a second from Salesbox contact panel.


Add directly from Gmail

Work with sales & relations directly from Gmail with Salesbox for Google apps.

Ad tasks, notes, meetings and leads to your Salesbox contacts from Gmail.

Google Docs and Google Drive directly in Salesbox


Provides structure

Salesbox automatically generates a common folder structure on your Google Drive and your preferred Accounts, Contacts or Deals.


Create & edit Google Docs

Work directly in Google Drive from Salesbox. Create and edit Google documents or upload any documents directly from Salesbox.