Get focused with kanban pipelines

What matters now

Never let a deal slip with visual Boards and smart filters on what matters now.

Pipeline Kanban Boards keep you focused on actions to close deals.

Smart filters highlight what to do now or in any preferred time period.

Get sales smart

Salesbox tells you if you fall behind and what action to focus on next.

Receive alerts on slow-moving deals learned from your usual sales cycle.

Insights will coach you on what deals are needed to reach your target

How does your pipeline grow?

Salesbox allows you to value your pipeline based on business reality
Build as many sales pipelines as you need for different products and types of customers

Option 1: Pipeline Stages with automatic probability

For pipelines that have clear stages and need the probability automatically assessed based on the progress of the deal. As the deal progresses through the pipeline stages, the probability value is automatically updated to match for the stage the deal is in

Option 2: Stage Based Pipeline with manual probability

For deals that have a number of stages in the customer journey but the probability is assessed by the salesperson. Simply move the deal through pipeline stages with drag & drop and set the probability for the deal to close manually.

Option 3: Check list Pipeline with Automatic Progress

For customer journeys that demands specific process steps are completed before a deal is closed. The check-list pipeline automatically updates the probability value as you complete the steps.

Option 4: Check List Pipeline with Manual Probability

For sales processes that require specific actions to be completed before the deal can progress with a probability value for the deal to close manually assigned by the salesperson.

Separate the prospects from the deals

Qualify your prospects

Add your prospects that are not qualified yet and start qualifying.

Add from LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, Mailchimp, .CSV and convert to deals.

Get the conversion rates in your Insights section.


Deals matters

Create focus by only adding qualified deals to the section.

This simplifies your everyday work, overview and follow-ups.

Makes it clear what needs your attention now.

Salesbox pipelines also support…


Search and find deals based on products, customers, segments and so on... Add pipelines for different industries, geographies, New business, contract renewals, the list goes on. All to get a quick and clear overview of your status.


Flag special deals that you want to focus on the most. Add them to your favourite list and ensure they are immediately to hand.

Export to Excel

Search & filter your pipeline as you need and export the data to Excel. Export both in progress and completed deals for any period