Sales reps. – Are you tired of your company CRM?



INNOVATION MAKES THE WORLD EVOLVE. We must embrace innovation to evolve. Ever since we left the trees the human race has been about constant innovation to create a better and more easy life.

This goes for life in general and in business. In business it is often innovation that creates an advantage over competitors. Those who embrace innovation gain advantages. Many companies claim to be leaders, but do they embrace innovation?

Think about it, where do you place your own organization and yourself? Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Innovation breaks the status quo!

As prospects rarely run towards us to build a relationship, we as salesmen usually have to initiate the process. Question is, are you fully satisfied with your current set of company tools?

Or perhaps you are missing a proper intelligent and collaborative tool? Maybe you have experienced frustration over the lack of mobility in your current tools.

Or maybe at some point you knew you were missing something to easily document or create follow-up activities for the meeting or phone call you just had.

Perhaps you are so tired with your company CRM that you have created your won routines including Excel, paper notes, email inbox, free apps etc.

Even if you know that managing your opportunities and customers that way is not good it is at least better than your company’s choice of tool. In that case, Salesbox CRM fits in your pocket and does all of this for you (plus a lot more)!

Traditional CRMs are built for management

Most say CRMs are built only for management! And that’s completely TRUE! …and also the reason why Salesbox created Salesbox CRM, something worthy of you, the salespeople!

What takes you no more than seconds to update will in return give you 10 times the value (in intelligent sales support). Salesbox CRM will keep track of your oppportunities, tasks, accounts and contacts, appointments, leads etc. basically, it will keep an eye on your business, for you.

How it works? Once you’re done with something, just check the box and move forward. And if you don’t move forward, the system will politely suggest some suitable steps for you to take. It’s there to help!

Serve your boss professional reports in seconds

With Salesbox you get all your reports served, 24/7, so if your boss asks you about your pipeline, your forecast, what it takes you to reach your target, you know all those questions that trigger a lot of admin or analytic work for you in night time or over the weekend.

If you got Salesbox and they don’t, just export your reports and send to the boss when asked for, it takes you seconds, looks very professional and gives more answers than the boss ask for, you will defenetely be the boss hero on that one.

Empower yourself if your company doesn’t

We know many Sales reps. are unhappy with their company’s choice of CRM and found their own ways around to overcome the burden.

That is why we have priced SAlesbox CRM so you could afford to use as a private person and finally get empowered the way you should by a CRM.