Salesbox CRM becomes partner with Bald Eagle Racing

Salesbox CRM becomes partner with Bald eagle racing for the European racing season 2015

Salesbox CRM is the worlds most predictive and mobile CRM. It is like a sales GPS that guides the user to reach the target. In the spirit of this Salesbox CRM has initiated a partnership with Bald eagle racing. Racing is all about focus, predicting the next move and mobility.
Sales and racing have many similarities and with this partnership Salesbox CRM will strengthen their position and brand as a fast moving company with high focus on predictability and mobility for its users. ”We are happy to partner up with Bald eagle racing for their European racing season 2015.
Racing has so many similarities with sales and what we want to offer our customers so it was a natural step for us to partner with an international racing team.” – says Andreas Lalangas CEO & founder Salesbox CRM.
The partnership makes it possible for Salesbox CRM to be seen on some of the biggest and famous circuits around Europe. Bald eagle racing will enter the European GT4 series and the driver team consists of Oscar Kruger (experience from Nascar) and Thomas Martinsson, also founder of Bald eagle racing.