Salesbox Review – 6 Ways That This Revolutionary CRM Solution Will Empower Your Sales Organization



Salesbox is proud to have received a outstanding review of CRM guru Jim Berkowitz, Founder & Growth Strategist at Launch Hawk Marketing:

As far as  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and salesforce automation goes, I’m an old timer.  I’ve been involved with CRM in one capacity or another since the mid 80s… so I’ve seen it all.

For those of you who are newer to this still growing software category, the history of CRM and technology for salespeople parallels the history of personal computing.  In the early years there were DOS solutions, then Windows, followed by PC networked solutions, client-server and now the cloud, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), along with their counterparts that run on mobile devices, from smartphones to touch-pads.

“I believe that SalesBox CRM is one of the few vendors that is indeed offering something different, dare I say revolutionary.” –  Jim

The growth and acceptance of the internet, mobile, social media, big data, predictive analytic together, has shifted the balance of power in the selling process to the buyer.

Although there has always been a continuous influx of new salesforce automation solutions riding on the wave of each new technology trend,  after having the opportunity to try out a new solution, Salesbox CRM (Salesbox)…”

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