Online CRM training

Even if our self service training is sufficient for most users to get going on their own we know some users want to turbo charge their knowledge about Salesbox. Therefore we also offer teacher lead online training sessions. Order your training session online directly from Salesbox billing. 


We guide you how to add users, configure your custom fields, user rights, pipelines and products. We also show you how each user can personalise the user experience.

Connect 3rd party tools

We guide you how to connect Salesbox to your selected add-ons like Office365, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress etc.

Contacts & Companies

We go through how you add, update and search among your contacts and companies. We also teach you how to mass update and maintain clean lists.


We go through how you manage your pipeline and how you can get an easy overview and use the pipelines for different purposes.

Import .CSV files

We go through how you can setup your import file depending on what type of information you want to import to Salesbox. We also cover how to perform the actual import.


We teach you how to import relevant prospects, work with personal mass emails and call lists to get a continuous flow of new prospects into your pipeline.


We teach you how to use your Salesbox calendar together with your Office 365 or Google calendar.


We teach you how to use the Insights section in Salesbox to make it easy to track your most important KPIs and your performance.

Document & E-Signing

We teach you how to create your own document templates and how to become more efficient with e-Signing.

How to use the Search

We go through how you can use both free text search, the extended search and build advanced search queries to take out reports, export data, do mass updates or send personal mass emails.