Salesbox Sales Academy

Salesbox offers self service training or teacher lead online training, to teach you how modern sales works

The 21 sales skills program

(Salesbox eLearning Program in 21 steps – self training on demand)

21 self-training lessons

Salesbox's 21 sales skills program (self-training) consists of 21 lessons. The training teaches your users how modern sales work and each user can take the lessons when it suits their individual schedule. Offer the training to one or more of your users.

Leader board

Check the course progress for each user in the leader board to learn how many of the lessons each user has passed.

Video or PDF

Each lesson comes packaged as a video and a downloadable PDF. Let each user learn sales on their on terms.


Each participant pays €24 to join the program and has access to all material for 12 months directly in Salesbox CRM

Online sales training

(Salesbox & 1000 Steps Training Program – personal sales training)

Salesbox & 1000 steps

Get personal online Sales training or Salesbox setup training through our Premium Salesbox Academy Partner 1000 steps. Get access to the various Sales Training Programs and unique Salesbox onboarding through 1000 steps. Choose between specialized trainings for various levels in the organisation i.e. C-level, Sales Directors and Sales Managers.

The only Toolkit you'll need for Sales success in Salesbox

Reaching break-through performance in sales doesn’t require special talent, it’s a skill that can be learned. Just like playing a musical instrument or understanding programming, it is a skill that requires mastery over time. If you’d like to build a successful sales model that allows you to sell more effectively than most enterprise salespeople, this is the course for you.