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When I realized that Social Selling actually could help me as a B2B Sales Rep



Social selling actually contributes to increased sales – Tomas Andersson, co-founder of Multipipe.

I admit it, just until a couple of years ago I thought that Social Selling and sales digitalization was a total waste of time for me as a B2B Sales Rep. As on the picture – a castle made of clouds.

PR and Marketing (internally and externally) encouraged me to use LinkedIn, they said it would increase our company brand and maybe attract new employees. I thought OK, but still I couldn’t stop thinking about one constant thing:

How can I maximize my time on the phone to book meetings with new prospects?

Since minimum acceptable level was 8 physical meetings every week I did spend some time on it.

Basically: would this kind of “Social Selling” help me exceed my sales quota? At that point: NO!

I could see that some people in my LinkedIn feed were active and did get positive attention, thus I decided to give it a try.

Linkedin social selling












I did three basic things:

  1. Spent 30 minutes at LinkedIn every day and set up some simple targets to build a continuity. For instance, how many weekly relevant comments, likes, group discussions, new contacts, messages sent and shares I should do.
  2. I started to proactively contact people in my network, but primarily outside my network via Inmails. Contacting those you had interactions and mutual references with in the forums above.
  3. Publishing statuses and/or posts 1-2 times a month aiming to become a thought leader.


After about three months of continuous execution of the schedule above things started to happen.

Did it substantially help me reach my sales quota? No, it didn’t.

But it did:

  • Help me book 1-2 extra meetings a week via LinkedIn
  • Increased my hit rate on these meetings
  • Although we hadn’t met, more work related people said they had “seen me somewhere”
  • Customers were better prepared/educated when meeting me


Was this enough to throw away my phone and join the choir “COLD CALLING IS DEAD”?

If I wanted to go from 8 meetings to 1-2 a week, yes.

Could I after this say it helped me exceed my sales quota? Yes.

Learning: start with small but continuous steps and use Social Selling as an upgrade, not a complement to the traditional sales work.

Since then I have and also encouraged others to take further steps in their LinkedIn usage, but maybe this could be a start?

And yes, it probably also did help PR and Marketing with increasing our company brand and attract new employees. Everybody happy 🙂


Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or contact me!


Thomas Andersson


Tomas Andersson

CEO & Co-Founder, Multipipe Nordic



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